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This weekend (Feb. 29 - Mar. 2) we'll be having our Final Clearance Sale. We're bringing out the rolling racks for this one: remaining Fall/Winter stock from this past season will be marked down even further!

Don't forget that the multiple item sale is still going on:

Save up to a total of 80% off retail prices! This weekend's your last chance! Don't miss out!

Krane Design

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The Toronto-based Krane was an instant hit when we first started carrying the line last year. We've reordered the Siebel and smaller Avion messenger bags for Spring, as well as a few other exciting styles.

Krane Siebel Messenger Bag, $400 CAD
available in Black and Field Tan

Krane Avion Small Messenger Bag, $320 CAD
available in Black and Field Tan

My favorite piece out of the new arrivals has got to be Krane's Tannin Knapsack. The clip-on belt-loop suspenders are adorable (and functional).

Krane Tannin Knapsack, $450 CAD

Check out these other new styles also:

Krane Krivak Duffle Bag, $440 CAD

Krane Saelen Laptop Bag, $430 CAD

Krane Harland Messenger Bag, $380 CAD

Check out Krane's website for more measurements and specifications!

New for Spring: Rag & Bone

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The arrival of Rag & Bone at Gravity Pope Tailored Goods is a hallmark of sorts. The new shipment is the first of eighteen new brands expected in for this season.

Rag & Bone are known for handmaking their garments entirely in the United States and also for adopting ethical methods and practices. The careful tailoring that results is apparent in the quality of their clothes.

Rag & Bone Windbreaker Bomber Jacket, $535 CAD

This shirt fits amazingly, but the buttons and short collar are what truly make it irresistible.

Rag & Bone Duke Button-Up Shirt, $245 CAD

Curious about shipping or sizes? Don't hesistate to e-mail us in Edmonton or Vancouver, we're happy to help!

Nice Collective

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For those film buffs out there, the latest shipment from Nice Collective is extra awesome because of the inspiration behind this season's collection. With reference to Fritz Lang's Metropolis, the edgy German Expressionist aesthetic the famed director was known for has translated into some pretty edgy graphics.

Nice Collective Party People S/S T-Shirt, $80 CAD

Nice Collective Zebra Head S/S T-Shirt, $80 CAD

Nice Collective Anti Stripe S/S T-Shirt, $80 CAD

It seems that the leather jacket has been a signature piece of Nice Collective since we started carrying the line, but the newest arrival has yet to look bad on any of the male staff that have tried it on. Just ask all them all--since we put it on the salesfloor at least four have come in and trounced around in front of the mirror for a ridiculous amount of time.

Nice Collective Hooded Leather Jacket, $1170 CAD

Also featured:

Nice Collective Sheer L/S Pullover Hoodie, $150 CAD

Nice Collective Stick Narrow Leg Cotton Pant, $240 CAD

More styles in store!


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When the first Gravity Pope Tailored Goods location opened up in Edmonton last April, we were thrilled to have the chance to show off our clothes in a bona fide Heritage building (as declared by the City of Edmonton). But despite it's ye-olde-world appeal, it did come with some surprises, including a few ye-olde funky smells that we could never quite pin down. Ten months later and we haven't gotten any more complaints. Quite the contrary, in fact! We can thank (Malin+Goetz) for that.

Meant to be burned in pairs for two hours at a time, these scented candles are what give our stores that delightful smell.

(Malin+Goetz) 9 oz. Scented Candles, $55 CAD each

Available in:
Cannabis: Top notes of orange and lemon, middle notes of fig and pepper, base notes of sandlewood and patchouli. Paired with Neroli.
Neroli: Top notes of apple and melon, middle notes of lemon and mandarin orange, base notes of iris and musk. Paired with Cannabis.
Dark Rum: Top notes of bergamot and plus, middle notes of rum and leather, base notes of amber, patchouli and milk. Paired with Mojito.
Mojito: Top notes of lime, rum, mint leaves, basil, middle notes of spearmint, chinese mint, base notes of white musk. Paired with Dark Rum.

(Malin+Goetz) encourages to experiment with different candle combinations. (We like lighting 'Mojito' with 'Cannabis' ourselves!)

Looking for more than just candles? We also carry a variety of cosmetic products from the line as well. The Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer reminds me of childhood vacations and having continental breakfasts at hotels: it smells like those teeny boxes of Fruit Loops cereal! Such warm feelings...

(Malin+Goetz) Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer, $40 CAD
(Malin+Goetz) Bergamot Body Wash, $20 CAD
(Malin+Goetz) Bergamot Rum Hand Wash, $25 CAD
(Malin+Goetz) Bergamot Lip Moisturizer, $15 CAD

If you're looking for a last minute gift addition, or want to sample a range of (Malin+Goetz) products, these gift sets/travel packs makes things simple for you. The Essentials pack is even carry-on approved!

(Malin+Goetz) Junior Scented Candle Set, $65 CAD
Vetiver, Neroli and Cannabis scents. Vetiver contains top notes of effervescent bergamot, middle notes of spicy clove, base notes of cedarwood and vetiver.

(Malin+Goetz) 6 x 1 oz. Essentials Set, Carry-On Approved, $35 CAD

(Malin+Goetz) Mojito Soap Set, $40 CAD
Comes with Peppermint, Rum and Lime scented bars.
Individual soap bars available for purchase, $12 each.

Check out the testers in our Edmonton and Vancouver stores and we'll be happy to hand out some samples if you're interested.

Bing Bang Jewelry

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The latest shipment from Bing Bang Jewelry has us very impressed here at Gravity Pope Tailored Goods. And if you don't trust our opinion, Anna Sheffield, the line's designer and creator, didn't escape the notice of the Council of Fashion Designers of America either, receiving a nomination for the 2007 Swarovski Accessories Award.

Bing Bang Jewelry Curb Chain Bracelet, $200 CAD

Bing Bang Jewelry Rise Above Necklace, $345 CAD
(The ring is embossed with the phrase 'Rise Above'.)

Bing Bang Jewelry Skull & Bullet Necklace, $275 CAD

Bing Bang Jewelry Mixed Chain Tie Bar, $130 CAD

When deciding which necklaces to shoot, I could barely decide. So I took pictures of them all!

Bing Bang Jewelry Skull Necklace, $260 CAD
Bing Bang Jewelry Gun Trigger Necklace, $275 CAD
Bing Bang Jewelry Boxing Glove Necklace, $300 CAD

Bing Bang Jewelry Round Locket, $490 CAD
Bing Bang Jewelry Owl Necklace, $285 CAD
Bing Bang Jewelry Long Rectangle Locket, $420 CAD
Bing Bang Jewelry Coin Necklace, $360 CAD

Bing Bang Jewelry Mixed Chain Necklace, $420 CAD

Sheffield's jewelry has a definite contemporary feel, using interesting combinations of different metals and chains with details that retain an antiqued charm. Our favorite piece is definitely Bing Bang's choker--now, don't jump to any conclusions here. This choker should definitely not be associated with the Rocket candy/puka shell encrusted variety.

Bing Bang Jewelry Swarovski Choker, $420 CAD

The understated yet delicately beautiful Stackable Rings are tops in our books as well. See them alongside some other nifty accessories:

Bing Bang Jewelry Stackable Rings, $140 CAD
Bing Bang Jewelry Faceted Button Earrings, $120 CAD
Bing Bang Jewelry Monkey Earrings, $85 CAD
Bing Bang Jewelry Gold & Silver Tie Bar, $125 CAD

Don't forget, there's always more in-store!


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For the month of February, we've started our End of Season SALE in Edmonton and Vancouver!

Buy 2 sale items, get 10% off!
Buy 3 sale items, get 20% off!
Buy 4 or more sale items, get 30% off!

Additional discount is applied on top of marked sale prices. (In layman's terms: that's up to 65% off retail prices.) Get the good stuff before it's gone!

53 Ways to Leave Your Lover

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Gravity Pope is pairing up with Chrome Hair and Mode Models to raise money at the 7th annual "53 Ways to Leave Your Lover" Anti-Valentine's Fundraiser for Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture.

Come out on February 16th to see some of Gravity Pope Tailored Goods' newest fashions showcased on the runway and help keep Edmonton's artistic heart beating live and well.

This year's theme: 80's rock, new wave and punk! Sid Vicious and Blondie, The Pretenders, with a dose of Eurythmics and Rough Trade’s “High School Confidential†thrown in for good measure.

Click here to get your advance tickets online!