Cederteg Publishing

Posted May 23, 2008 by Emanuel in cederteg publishing

Since the day we first opened our doors about a year ago, the spaces that our stores have taken up have given GPTG the inspiration to expand from carrying clothing items to an eclectic range of products that embody a lifestyle of quality. Always supportive of independent artists and their creative endeavours (see previous post), Gravity Pope Tailored Goods has received art 'zines from Cederteg Publishing highlighting the works of several hand-selected artists.

The independent publisher, spear-headeded straight out of Stockholm by Tony Cederteg is carried at a wide range of note-worthy boutiques around the world. Every publication is a limited print, so be sure to snag your copy right away as several of the featured artists we carry have already had their issues sell out online!

Cederteg N°2 by Nicholas Haggard, $17 CAD

"Bee-Headed" by Jessica Albarn, $17 CAD

"Who's Laughing Now" by Kevin Christy, $17 CAD SOLD OUT

"Ain't no Uzis made in Harlem" by Hannes Isaksson , $17 CAD

Nextfest '08 and GPTG

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This year, Gravity Pope Tailored Goods is proud to be a hosting venue for Nextfest 2008. A celebration of music, theatre, dance, film, visual art and much, much more, Nextfest highlights the creative talent of many of Edmonton's up-and-coming artists, including Erinne Fenwick and her exhibit entitled 'You have your walls too'. Describing her own work as "a dichotomy between art and violence", Fenwick explores the spaces of her childhood using imagery that evokes antiquity and beauty--a perfect match for GPTG Edmonton's own aesthetic. Be sure to come down and check out her beautiful and provoking pieces.

For sales inquiries regarding the works themselves, please contact Erinne Fenwick directly at 1.780.504.9423 or through email at erinnefenwick@hotmail.com.

MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela: SS08

Posted May 11, 2008 by Emanuel in MM6, maison martin margiela

Belgian designer Martin Margiela has always been renowned for his innovative take on fashion. A master of deconstructing and reconstructing garments, Margiela knows exactly how to translate the avant garde into wearable style. His MM6 collection is all about having fun; perfect for the spring-time weather we're having here in Edmonton.

Here are some of the pieces we're carrying this spring/summer at Gravitypope Tailored Goods!

MM6 Button Front Jacket, $660 CAD SALE $539.99

MM6 Shirt Dress with Belt, $365 CAD SALE $299.99

MM6 Wide Leg Overall, $430 CAD SALE $349.99

MM6 Layered Sleeved Halter Dress, $385 CAD SALE $314.99

MM6 Jumper with Side-Clasps, $365 CAD SALE $299.99

MM6 Sleeveless Check Top, $400 CAD SALE $319.99

MM6 Button Front Short-Sleeved Cotton Shirt, $225 CAD SALE $179.99
also available in Black

MM6 Cropped Double-Breasted Jacket, $565 CAD SALE $459.99

MM6 Cropped Double-Breasted Silk Shirt, $610 CAD SALE $499.99

Hannoh: SS08

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You may not have heard of Hannoh before, but the Parisian line has garnered quite the cult following abroad. Incredibly hard to find in North America, Gravity Pope Tailored Goods is lucky to have received three pieces from designer Hanno Wessel's coveted line just these week, and they sure do deserve the praise:

Hannoh Cotton Clervie Shirt, $265 CAD

Hannoh Silk Rogette Dress, $425 CAD

Hannoh Cotton Rizlene Dress, $385.80 CAD

Stüssy Deluxe: SS08

Posted May 5, 2008 by Emanuel in stussy deluxe

Stüssy is by no means a new brand to GPTG, but this season marks the first time that the line's exclusive label Stüssy Deluxe makes an appearance in-store.

Stüssy Deluxe All Work Houndstooth Shirt, $155 CAD

Stüssy Deluxe Amersham Printed Bomber, $190 CAD

Stüssy Deluxe Solid Coach Button-Front Jacket, $190 CAD

Stüssy Deluxe Dartmoor Hoodie, $160 CAD

Stüssy Deluxe Solid Slim Gramps Shorts, $145 CAD

More Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair!

Posted May 5, 2008 by Emanuel in fifth avenue shoe repair

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Unisex Accessory Bag, $519 CAD

Exclusive to the Gravity Pope Tailored Goods clothing stores in Edmonton and Vancouver, you should witness some of the reactions of the women who try these ballet flats on: apparently they're incredibly comfortable, something rare for many flats these days.

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Soft Shoe, $207 CAD

If you haven't seen the runway show for Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, check out the shots on their website. Here's a little preview of two of the jackets we carry in-store from the show (pictures taken from http://www2.shoerepair.se):

On her: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Wrinkled Sleeve Jacket, $458 CAD
On him: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Zipper Nylon Jacket, $354 CAD
Zipper Jacket only ordered in Black, Red in photo not available!

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair: SS08

Posted May 2, 2008 by Emanuel in fifth avenue shoe repair

Yet another fantastic brand out of Stockholm, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair is one of GPTG's most anticipated new lines for this season. (I should have put up this post a lot sooner, sorry!)

Working from a monochromatic color palette of black, grey and white, the Swedish line is modest with color but dramatic with silhouette. If you're looking for cutting-edge fashion with superb sculptural details, start here.

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Puff Pocket Dress, $312 CAD
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Folded Front Dress, $187 CAD

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Obvious Cardigan, $271 CAD
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Short Sleeve Pocket Tee, $187 CAD
(made with a super soft 85/15% cotton/cashmere blend)

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Old Man Shorts, $229 CAD

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Short Sleeved Ripper Button Up Shirt, $207 CAD
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Slim Narrow Cut Trouser, $249 CAD

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Wider Tee, $145 CAD

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Puff Pocket Cardigan, $249 CAD
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Gathered Neck Tee, $145 CAD

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Tied Pocket Dress, $249 CAD

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Draped Sleeve Blouse, $290 CAD