Robert Geller In-Depth Interview on Frillr

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A particularly good interview with Robert Geller was posted today on Frillr, as well as a few looks from his Spring/Summer '09 collection, which we're very excited to be carrying at Gravitypope Tailored Goods next season.


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We have just completed our second round of markdowns for this season's collections.

Fall/Winter '08 product is now 30 to 40% off!

Don't forget from December 10 - January 10, bring in a non-perishable item to gravitypope or gravitypope Tailored Goods and receive $10 off your purchase of $100 or more. (One non-perishable item per Gravity Pope item.)
Donations will be made on your behalf to the Edmonton Food Bank.

Now's the best time to get that Holiday shopping completed!

A.P.C. New Cure: A Sartorialist Favorite

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The Sartorialist, god bless him, has posted a little quib about his perfect fitting jeans: the A.P.C. New Cure. I have to say that most of us at GPTG have to agree.

Read what he has to say here.

If you haven't yet given A.P.C. a try, come on in and take a look at what's considered a staple for many denim enthusiasts out there.

Six Scents Fragrance Initiative

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You may remember a previous post about the Six Scents Fragrance Initiative, something that we here at GPTG are glad to be a part of in carrying these exclusive perfumes. Last week or so, they finally arrived in-store. Click on the pictures to be directed to our website for details about each scent and direct purchase online. Be sure to act quick--these scents come each in a limited run of 2000. Read on for some additional information about the perfumers; they definitely have some distinguished olfactory expertise!

Six Scents No. 1: Urban Tropicalia by Alexandre Herchcovitch & Joachim Correll
Ingredients: Erogenous Cedar wood - Amber Fond, Lemon, Cassis De Bourgeouns, Lime, Green Apple, Apricot, Jasmine, Tagete, Freesia, Cinnamon, Musk
Joachim has been a perfumer for 24 years. He was born in Holzminden, Germany, and now lives in São Paulo Brazil. Very early he was fascinated about chemistry and scents. After high school, he became a perfumer trainee. During his career he worked and lived at different places in the world. Joachim loves to work in different fragrance areas, like fine fragrances, personal care and home care. His inspirations come from different sides, influenced by cultures and the diversity of art-forms. Correll's portfolio includes scents for Avon, Natura, O Boticário, and Victoria's Secret amongst others.

Six Scents No. 2: Wicken 3000 by Bernhard Willhelm & Lucas Sieuzac
Ingredients: Sea Breeze Accord, Bergamot, Water Jasmine, Sheer Musk
Lucas decided to become a perfumer at the age of 18, when he realized the best accomplishment one could have in life is to create beauty through the senses. Perfumery allowed him to pursue this dream; therefore he joined Florasynth in 1994 and then Créations Aromatiques in 1998. Artist in many ways, his creative process is to re-write the classic approach of raw materials blending them with high tech materials: combining academic with avant-garde styles. His signature is to highlight the duality of his composition's materials, attracting and responding to each other in the process. Sieuzac's portfolio includes Emporio Armani 'Night', Jil Sander 'Jil Sander Style Summer', and Givenchy 'Lovely Prism' amongst others.

Six Scents No. 3: The Spirit of the Woods by Cosmic Wonder Light Source & Philippe Paparella-Paris
Ingredients: Green Grass, Fig Leaves, Cypress, Elemi, Coriander, Cedar wood, Vetiver, Hinoki, White Amber
A native from the South of France, Philippe studied sciences in Montpellier, France and specialized in perfumery at the ISIPCA school in Versailles, France. He started working for Mane as an intern, and then followed their Perfumer Training Program after a couple of years. After living in various places in Asia, Philippe joined Symrise in May 2008. He especially loves working with woody, ambery and musky notes for their sensual aspects. Furthermore from his experience in Southeast Asia, he likes to work with exotic fruits such as mango and pineapple. He is always thrilled by the transformation of a written formula into an actual fragrance, especially when it turns out to be beautiful and impressive.

Six Scents No. 4: Diagonal by Gareth Pugh & Emilie Copperman
Ingredients: Dill, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Palissander, Black Tea, Amyris, White Amber, Musk
Because of her love for lowers, Emilie discovered her passion for fragrance when she was 14 years old. She realized she wanted to live in a harmonious and beautifully scented universe, and therefore studied organic chemistry and attended the International Institute of Perfumes, Cosmetics & Aromas in Versailles, France. For Emilie, being a perfumer is more than a vocation, she is totally committed to the realm of fragrance and transmits her creativity through her creations. Her talent for perfumery lies in her playful, unconventional nature, her sense of exploration and her bold, fearless approach to experiment with something new, twisting masculine codes with feminine codes with her fragrances. Emilie relies on her feminine intuition, the power of her dreams, her determination and sense of realism to inspire her fragrances. Copperman's portfolio includes scents for numerous scents for Burberry, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Jil Sander, Kate Moss, and Sonia Rykiel, amongst others.

Six Scents No. 5: Illicit Sex by Jeremy Scott & Philippe Roques
Ingredients: Bergamot, Aldehydic, Pepper, Nutmeg, Rose, Benzoin, Olibanum, Cedarwood, Musk
Philippe Roques graduated as a pharmacist before joining L'OREAL as a fragrance analyst. In 2000, he then naturally joined a fragrance company: Symrise. For Philippe, as a virtuoso pianist in classical and contemporary music, creating fragrances is playing with simple chords as well as interpreting them in a "theme and variations" way. He particularly enjoys oriental notes for men and women and loves creating woody notes. Born in France with British roots, he has maintained very strong cross-Channel links. This enables him to have a deep understanding of both cultures and an appetite for traveling. Philippe enjoys urban environments and their energy. He moved to Symrise's NYC Creative studio in 2007. Roques' portfolio includes scents for Burberry, Byblos, Enrico Coveri, Natura, and Oriflame, amongst others.

Six Scents No. 6: Teen Spirit by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi & Mark Buxton
Ingredients: Hazelnut Leaf, Rhubarb, Bergamot, Seashore Accord, Red Pepper Berry, Rose, Magnolia, Violet wood, Sandalwood, Musk
Mark began his perfumery studies at the Haarman & Reimer School in Holzminden, Germany. Once he graduated, he joined H&R in 1985 and then Créations Aromatiques in Paris and continued his career as an accomplished perfumer. To Mark, simplicity is the ultimate luxury. This holds true with his approach to life and it also embodies the way he composes a fragrance. He keeps his mind open, always willing to absorb new ideas. Buxton's portfolio includes scents for Burberry, Biotherm, Cartier, Comme des Garçons, Salvador Dali, Givenchy, Jil Sander, and Versace.


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From December 10 - January 10, bring in a non-perishable item to gravitypope or gravitypope Tailored Goods and receive $10 off your purchase of $100 or more.

One non-perishable item per gravitypope item.

12 000 Edmontonians came to the Edmonton Food Bank last year. 40% are children.

Donations will be made on your behalf to the Edmonton Food Bank.

Most needed food items for the Food Bank:
Baby Formula with Iron Baby Food (jars), Rice, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Soup (canned and Dry), Canned Beans in Tomato Sauce, Canned Tomatoes, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fish, Canned Meat, Canned Fruit, Cereal, Peanut Butter, Juice (1 Litre).

Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

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With Eugenio Alphandery at the helm, Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella both perpetuates and renews the ancient traditions of herbal care. Founded by Dominican friars shortly after 1221 and opened to the public in 1612, SMN is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. Using only natural raw materials of the highest quality and continuing to follow the ancient procedures originated by the Founding Fathers, SMN focuses exclusively on the herbalist's art, basing all its preparations on traditional herbs and oils of natural origin. The vast majority of the medicinal herbs used in its products are grown locally on the hills around Florence. Furthermore, none of its products are tested on animals. With an eye to innovation, SMN now prepares its products in Liberty style facilities using equipment which has been specially designed and built combining modern technology with ancient producing methods.

Available in-store only, gravitypope Tailored Goods is proud to be one of the exclusive retailers of Santa Maria Novella. Come and smell the precious Acqua della Regina classic cologne originally created for Caterina de'Medici, wife of Henry II and the Queen of France, who made it popular throughout the country. Or cure a headache with the healing vapours of the Orange Blossom Water. Come on in and ask us about the history behind many of the products; the stories that come out of this apothecary line are absolutely fascinating! Here's a selection of some of the products that are found in both the Edmonton and Vancouver GPTG stores--even the packaging alone is beautiful!

Santa Maria Novella Rose Water (Orange Blossom Water also available, not pictured)
Santa Maria Novella Talborina Dusting Powder

Santa Maria Novella Pomegranate Bath Salts
Santa Maria Novella Armenia Papers

Santa Maria Novella Scented Terracotta Pomegranate
Santa Maria Novella Body Milk (a personal favorite of many staff members!)

Santa Maria Novella Before and After Shave Cream
Santa Maria Novella Bath / Shower Gels (available in Marine Algae and Chamomile)

Santa Maria Novella Crema Pedestre (Foot Cream)
Santa Maria Novella Pomegranate Candle Set (Tall Single Candles also available for sale)

Santa Maria Novella Box of 3 Milk Soaps (available in Rose, Violet and Verbena)
Santa Maria Novella Non-Alcoholic Emulsion Aftershave

Santa Maria Novella Box of Pomegranate Soaps (individual Bath and smaller Toilette soaps also available for sale)
Santa Maria Novella Colognes (available scents: Santa Maria Novella Acqua della Regina, Pomegranate (SMN's most popular scent), Russian, and Honeysuckle)

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to e-mail us directly in Edmonton or Vancouver!

Jean Touitou of A.P.C.: T Magazine Style Profile

Posted Dec 6, 2008 by Emanuel in a.p.c.

A big thanks to Jasmine from the Web department for the tip about T Magazine (a.k.a. The New York Times Style Magazine) and their streaming video about Jean Touitou, founder of Atelier de Production et de Création.  This wonderfully composed clip profiles the vision of A.P.C.'s creative director and reveals the thinking behind the cool minimalism of his brand.

Also get a preview of the Spring '09 collection, which will be expanding in store from the standard cuts of denim to the complete fashion pieces for both men and women, a first for Gravity Pope Tailored Goods--and much of Western Canada for that matter!