vialis - spring 2009

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Vialis originated in the Born District of Barcelona in 1996. The product of two Catalan Men, Vialis shoes are contemporary with a hint of mid century influence. With a great range of colours and styles, Vialis is well built, distinguished and comfortable.

leather wrapped heel sandal 4319-roj $360 CAD

leather wrapped heel peep toe 4318-neg $360 CAD

t strap sandal 4291-neg $310 CAD

wrapped heel oxford 4322-asf $360 CAD

moma - spring 2009

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MOMA's mother company FRAGO, was founded in 1975 by brothers Luigi, Nelso and Daniele Gironacci. The first activity of FRAGO was the production of trendy shoes, hand crafted following state of the art Italian shoemakers traditions. MOMA grew up season after season to become a highly fashionable and technically advanced shoe collection.

distressed blue oxford 37801-l2 $495 CAD

cuffed leather sandal 32802-s2 $465 CAD

distressed gladiator sandal with stacked heel 53805-l7 $495 CAD

t-strap wedge with buckle detail 54803-w9 $495 CAD

distressed white leather boot 34802-l7 $675 CAD

blue suede boot with stitch detail 55804-w5 $665 CAD

dr. martens - spring 2009

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Doctor Klaus Martens designed his classic boot in response to an injury that made his standard issue army boots to uncomfortable on his injured foot. With the air padded sole and softer leather, the first ‘Docs’ were designed in 1945. By 1959, sales had grown to the point where marketing internationally had grown feasible. It was at that time that British manufacture R. Griggs Group bought the patent rights to manufacture in the UK. With a slight re-shape of the heel to make them fit better, trademarked yellow stitching and sole named AirWair, the first Dr. Martens boots were released on April 1, 1960. Known as the 1460, the eight eyelets, cherry red, Nappa leather design has become a footwear icon.

pascale primary green 13067325 $140 CAD

pascale primary red 13064601 $140 CAD

pascale primary blue 13066430 $140 CAD

1460 classic 8 hole in white r11821100 $150 CAD

punto pigro - spring 2009

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In the La Marche region in the central eastern coast of Italy is the small town, Monteguaranaro where boot brand Punto Pigro is manufactured using high quality leather, traditional craftsmanship and casual style. For Spring 2009, we love of the range of moccasins and the details that modernized one of the oldest types of footwear.

punto-420 $220 CAD

collecti-414 $220 CAD

idea-bno $275 CAD

hrn03-bno $275 CAD

see by chloe - spring 2009

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See by Chloe was created in 2001 to offer customers a greater selection of casual pieces. Retaining the femininity of the house's main line See by Chloe footwear is chic and youthful.

bronze metallic t-strap platform SB12019-bro $525 CAD

patent and suede platform sandal SB12016-blk $550 CAD

patent and sude sandal SB12017-blk $400 CAD

mid calf boot with pocket SB12026-blk $675 CAD

trippen - spring 2009

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Trippen consists of two rather passionate and adventurous designers, Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler, who decided in 1992 to conceptualize their dissatisfaction with the shoe industry and to design their desires. They started out playing around with wood shoes and ended up in a Berlin art gallery. Their first clog collection was such a success that it was requested by Wolfgang Joop and Claudia Skoda for their shows. Later Fred Sathal, Barbara Bui, Yohji Yamamoto and Perry Ellis put trippen on the catwalk.

fence-blk $385 CAD

mare-blk $385 CAD

omen-gry $400 CAD

rubens-blk $355 CAD

fiorentini and baker - spring 2009

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The philosophy of Fiorentini and Baker is simple – they create beautiful shoes. Supple leather, soft suede and original vintage fabrics reflect the collaboration of the brands designers Gianpaolo Fiorentini and Deborah Baker. Effortlessly wearable and exceptionally durable, these hand-crafted mens and womens shoes are created by artisans using traditional techniques that ensure these unique shoes grow old as gracefully as the stars that inspired them.

lexi-ice $495 CAD

tsar-ice $395 CAD

eli-w-plm $595 CAD

7040-cha 'eternity' $655 CAD

objects in mirror - spring 2009

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Objects in mirror is an Italian design brand, made in the same factory as gravitypope favorite To&Co., in the la marches region of Italy. This season's tassled loafers and pumps are already staff favorites are certain to make their mark on Gravity Pope shoppers.

tassled pump 9160-ner $360 CAD

loafer with tassels 9122-ner $360 CAD

loafer with tassles 9122-brn $360 CAD

marc by marc jacobs - spring 2009

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I have always appreciated the details in Marc by Marc Jacobs footwear. Be it the combination of materials and refinment of hardwear, his footwear is consistently thought out. Famous for his classic styles with a twist, check out this seasons ballet flats, patent wedges and great heel details at

metallic leather pump 693857-001 $675 CAD

woven leather bootie 693144-003 $750 CAD

patent leather sandal with cork wedge 693976-008 $450 CAD

3" angled heel peep toe 693963-007 $515 CAD

rosa mosa - spring 2009

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Rosa Mosa footwear is created by Austrian designer Simone Springer and the Japanese designer Yuji Mizobuchi. Simone graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and Yuji studied buddhist philosophy in Kyoto, the two designers met when in a footwear & accessories course at Cordwainers College in London.

They consider their footwear highly conceptual, very contemporary, raw and stylish yet high in quality, using traditional materials or innovative new materials.

basket1-gri $555 CAD

basket1-ner $555 CAD

gunda-ner $350 CAD

paula-gri $350 CAD

joe sanchez - spring 2009

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Since 1973, the Joe Sanchez brand has continued to evolve their products from the sandals that the company started within 1973 to their current collection of boots. Fusing the latest fashion trends with traditional Spanish workmanship, Joe Sanchez boots are moving beyond the traditional "cowboy boots" they're known for in the quest to create the perfect boot that does not compromise quality.

13980-ala short engineer boot $165 CAD

14029-ala knee hi engineer boot $185 CAD

14080-izm flat mid calf boot $170 CAD

zinda - spring 2009

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Starting as a family run business Zinda is now a worldwide company with one objective: bring fashion eveywhere around the world. Zinda shoes are forward and innovative without compromising quality. From materials to craftsmanship, Zinda is a brand that truly represents what we at gravitypope have come to love about a truly Spanish shoe.

laced sling back 5279-mg $220 CAD

brogued oxford 4421-tdm $195 CAD

sling back sandal 5199-sen $215 CAD

two tone peep toe 5164-pg $215 CAD

l'autre chose - spring 2009

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Founded in 1987, thanks to the experience and knowledge of Alfredo Boccaccini, L'Autre Chose literally translates to "The Other Thing", representing the obvious distinction and unique approach to the world of footwear. Recognized early on for the original and elegant range of products and the use of exotic leathers such as ostrich, python and crocodile. The fusion of modern thinking, tradition and experience lead to great success and important collaborations with Patrick Cox, Martin Margiela and Alexander McQueen.

peep toe sling back in python ld9087-1003 $595 CAD

brogued mary jane ld9436-6009 $425 CAD

crossed strap woven leather platform ld9256-029 $445 CAD

tapered T strap with brogue detail ld9433-1001 $400 CAD

to & co. - spring 2009

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TO&CO.’s shoes boast uncompromising quality and developed through years of close collaboration with traditional craftsmen in Marche, Italy as well as other factories through our Europe and Japan. Originally working with these skilled artisans to produce a men’s line manufactured using meticulous production methods, TO&CO. has since applied this expertise to the women’s line to produce collections of unmatched craftsmanship.

TO&CO.’s designs are based heavily on elements often seen in classic British gentlemen’s shoes such as brogue, pinking and flower punching. Not to be confused as stuffy, TO&CO. has also picked up on the attitudes and follies of the fashion-forward men and women of the 1950’s, giving the shoes a playful twist. TO&CO’s style embodies a lightheartedness and modernity, but with a timeless artisan quality drawn from bygone times.

0227-now $500 CAD

Nice Collective: S/S 2009

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Nice Collective's Spring/Summer collection for 2009 continues to display the brand's rugged and definitive signature, yet they are still able to show a growing strength in adapting it to changing seasonal inspirations. This Spring's collection, entitled Voix de Ville, translates the exotic world of the performing vagabond and traveling carnies with a touch of the Bowery Boys (as shown on their graphic tees).

Nice Collective Regime Cashmere Sweater, $565 CAD

Nice Collective Light Striped Jacket, $435 CAD

Nice Collective Raw Cardigan Sweater, $435 CAD

Nice Collective Striped Hoodie, $360 CAD

Nice Collective Reverse Nylon Jacket, $450 CAD

Nice Collective Top Hat T-Shirt, $115 CAD

Nice Collective Rendesvous T-Shirt, $120 CAD

Nice Collective Script T-Shirt, $110 CAD

Nice Collective Bowery Boys Shirt, $120 CAD

Nice Collective X-Stripe T-Shirt, $100 CAD

argila - spring 09

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I have always been impressed with Argila's take on the wedge sandal. After studying design in Milan at the age of 18, designer Pep Monjo followed professional design career and collaborated with diverse leading designers in the footwear industry. eventually he created his own line, Argila, manufactured entirely in his hometown of Menorca.

a-520 $425 CAD

A-517 in silver $415

a-517 in gold $415 CAD

a-381 $330 CAD

Étoile by Isabel Marant: S/S 2009

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As they say, every 'French girl wears Isabel Marant!' Though relatively unknown (surprisingly) in North America, Marant has garnered quite the cult following overseas, helping to establish the definitive look of la femme française. As W Magazine writes in an article about Marant, "...those French girls wear loose little dresses or slouchy pants with boyish jackets accessorized with a scarf, unwashed hair and next to no makeup, making for a style that fashion people equate with Parisian cool. It’s a look the designer has been supplying for close to 15 years."

Combining androgynous silhouettes with unabashedly feminine fabrics and prints, Isabel Marant has a delicate and minimalist signature that we here at GPTG are eager to share with fashionphiles on the other side of the Atlantic. (Etoile by Isabel Marant is the designer's ready-to-wear diffusion line.)

Étoile by Isabel Marant Malou Cotton Shirt, $235 CAD

Étoile by Isabel Marant Orphee Top, $375 CAD

Étoile by Isabel Marant Olsen Shirt, $395 CAD

Étoile by Isabel Marant Alba Jacket, $435 CAD

Étoile by Isabel Marant Emelle Jacket, $435 CAD

Étoile by Isabel Marant Olga Dress, $495 CAD

Étoile by Isabel Marant May Cotton Dress, $285 CAD

Étoile by Isabel Marant Elisee Trousers, $375 CAD

Étoile by Isabel Marant Silk/Cotton Lore Dress, $650 CAD

Étoile by Isabel Marant Omi Dress, $650 CAD

Étoile by Isabel Marant Baya Coat, $595 CAD

coclico - spring 2009

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Following the footsteps of three generations of shoe makers, Sandra Cancelier founded Coclico in 2000 offering fresh, contemporary and unique footwear. Sandra's background and lover of New York led her to open a boutique and showroom in Nolita. Sandra has teamed with designer Lisa Nading (of Lisa Nading Designs and Gentle Souls) to create beautiful shoes that balance style and comfort.

odalisk $400 CAD

duke $425 CAD

nuance $415 CAD

dio $420 CAD

Robert Geller: S/S 2009 (First Shipment)

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Back in August, Dazed Digital asked Robert Geller to document the process leading up to his Spring/Summer '09 runway show, summarizing Geller's inspiration very nicely:
Gypsies and Eastern European ideals of masculinity was the starting point for the collection, translating to military style detailing, Cossack inspired jackets and a certain Gothic formality. In a menswear season dominated by sporty casualness, this was a different vision of smoky, rugged elegance."The concept Geller claimed as his inspiration this season: men in Eastern Europe, hanging tough to survive, finding it hard to show their sensitive side."

Robert Geller Long Sleeve Back Combo Shirt, $310 CAD

Robert Geller Linen Cocktail Jacket, $1125 CAD

Robert Geller Ribbon Tie, $175 CAD

Robert Geller Leather Zipper Bomber, $2350 CAD

Robert Geller Oversized Lightweight Coat, $915 CAD

Robert Geller Linen Cocktail Vest, $520 CAD

Robert Geller Long Sleeve Pencil Line T-Shirt, $225 CAD

Robert Geller Thick Knit Layered Cardigan, $560 CAD

Robert Geller Thick Knit Layered Cardigan, $595 CAD

gidigio - spring 2009

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Since 1996 gidigio has been at the forefront of innovation and style in the fashion shoe industry. Its owner Giorgio D'Alessandro has been directly involved in the design and production of the line since its inception. Gidigio has blended the latest fashion and highest quality materials into an extensive footwear line featuring top grain leather heels, sandals, ballet flats and boots that uphold the "Made in Italy" quality label.

5PL008 sandal $325 CAD

B7707 stacked heel double strap mary jane $320 CAD

B7746 stacked heel leather loafer $315 CAD

B7704B lace up "granny" boot $400 CAD

New Arrivals: Spring '09 Update

Posted Feb 6, 2009 by Emanuel

If you haven't checked out the gravitypope Tailored Goods web store in a while, you'll be in for a nice surprise. We've taken extra care to get the new Spring/Summer '09 arrivals up soon after they've arrived. If you're looking for a good resource to see what's new in-store for men and women, this is the best place to turn to if you can't drop by in person.

Here are some quick picks from collections that have arrived in recent weeks (click on the Brands to link to the web store):

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair (Mens/Womens)Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Womens Skew Jersey Tank (also in Heathered Grey), $172 CAD

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Mens Walking Shorts, $194 CAD

Filippa K (Womens)

Filippa K Chiffon Pleated Dress (also in Black and Pink), $375 CAD

Etoile by Isabel Marant (Womens)Etoile by Isabel Marant May Cotton Dress (also in Black/Taupe Plaid), $285 CAD

chie mihara - spring 09

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Chie Mihara launched her own line in December of 2001 with an emphasis on design, comfort and quality. Always a popular collection with gravitypope regulars, Chie Mihara for spring 2009 are nothing but show stoppers and sure to spread a little happiness.

suma $465 CAD

Melina $435 CAD

anhina $425 CAD

costanza $415 CAD

repetto - spring 2009

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When Rose Repetto created her first ballet shoes in her workshop on the rue de la Paix in 1956, she was looking for refinement and elegance. Repetto's famous ballet flats, inspired by demi-pointe dancing shoes, have become legendary all over the world thanks to the fame of their illustrious owners, and to the stitch and return technique defined since the start of the tradition. Today the production of each shoe remains completely traditional and is surrounded with various quality controls.

Be it a lovely metallic or patent leather, this season is bright and shiny like the first day of spring.

zizi in patent blue $365 CAD

fillet in florescent pink $295 CAD

bb ballerina in florescent green $250

bb ball in metallic yellow $320 CAD

bb ball in metallic blue $320 CAD

New gravitypope Shoe Blog!

Posted Feb 3, 2009 by Emanuel in news, updates

Most of you already know about the shoes at gravitypope. But did you know that our sister stores have a blog as well? If you didn't, now is the best time to get acquainted now that the Spring stock has started to fill up the shelves in our shoe stores. New stock deserves a new look, so thanks to our very own Jasmine Sacharuk (and Andy Mikula) for hooking up the shoe blog with a brand new design.


audley - spring 2009

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Designers Tim and Fiona Slack produced their first shoe collection in London. It was totally handmade and very rock and roll. The two designers wanted to expand their collection and make it more accessible. As a result, the AUDLEY brand was begun in 1990. The brand combines the
two designers' eclectic design sensibilities with quality leathers and materials and is produced in its own factory. This route of production allows affordable prices while maintaining the highest quality.

For Spring 2009, Audley has offered some great colours and some amazing heel details that are sure to make a statement.

Audley 13885 $245 CAD
Audley 13719 $245 CAD
Audley 13827 $365 CAD

Audley 13784 $375 CAD