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Monday, March 30th - 10 am to 10 pm

In celebration of Cheap Monday spring 2009, from 10 AM to 10 PM come down and get free gifts and giveaways with your Cheap Monday purchase- exclusive to gravitypope Tailored Goods!CHEAP FOOD! CHEAP DRINK! CHEAP MONDAY!

PLUS! Enter to win $250 at gravitypope Tailored Goods. Details in store.

only available in store.

minnetonka moccasins - spring 2009

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Minnetonka Moccasin have been making Moccasins for over 60 years in Minnesota. Extremely comfortable moccasins that combines a great range of supple leathers for with a durable sole that provides a durability for all seasons.

ankle hi tramper boot 429-blk $90CAD

kitty suede moccasin 400-blk $60 CAD

suede laced ankle boot 270-blk $70 CAD

knee hi lace up boot 1429-blk $120 CAD

f-troupe - spring 2009

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F-Troupe is a small, directional footwear brand based in London. Founded in 2003 by Mick Hoyle in a short space of time it has established itself internationally and is now available in twenty four countries. F-Troupe loves to use British historical and functional influences to make footwear that is quintessentially British but with international appeal. Through this the brand strives to give good, original and innovative designs.

K107-blu for men and women $115 CAD

gf19can-bei $185 CAD

gf19can-blk $185 CAD

k92-blk $150 CAD

jt54-blk $150 CAD

tc08-blk $195 CAD

Robert Geller: FW 2009

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zuriick - spring 2009

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Starting in 2005 out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Zuriick offers a great canvas shoe that is sleek and lightweight. With a great range of colours and contrasting purple sole Zuriick is simple and uncomplicated.

parker-grn $85 CAD

parker-rub $85 CAD

beata-nvy $95 CAD

beata-car $95 CAD

ake-ogc $85 CAD

ake-ogo $85 CAD

paul smith - spring 2009

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Paul Smith was managing his first boutique in Nottingham when with the encouragement of his girlfriend Pauline Denyer (now wife) and a small amount of savings, he opened a tiny shop in 1970. Paul started to take evening classes for tailoring and with the help of Pauline (an RCA fashion graduate), Paul was able to create what he wanted. By 1976 Paul showed his first menswear collection in Paris under the Paul Smith label. Within 20 years of his introduction to fashion Paul Smith had established himself as the pre-eminent British designer. Paul Smith has the ability to anticipate, and even spark off trends not only fashion but in the wider context of popular culture. Check out this seasons selection of limited edition sneakers, patent pumps and sandals.

paul smith samphire $425 CAD

paul smith stan in antiqued floral print for men $535 CAD

cervantes perforated oxford $510 CAD

tina woven leather t-strap $435 CAD

miller suede brogue $525 CAD

lori woven leather t-strap sandal $425 CAD

ginsberg perforated loafer $510 CAD

leary canvas mid top $195 CAD

musa in white patent leather for him $275 CAD

fluorescent pink musa for him $165 CAD

floral print musa for her $250 CAD

painted gingham printed musa $250 CAD

camper toðer+jaime hayon - spring 2009

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Jaime Hayon is a young Spanish artist and designer who studied industrial design in in Madrid and Paris before reaching Fabrica in 1997, the centre for investigation of the Benetton Group in Treviso. In 2004 he decided to pursue his own career and currently resides in London and has projects in different parts of the world.

He continues to exhibit his most personal work at art galleries and keeps alive the relationship he started with Camper in 2006 when their stores, with the together concept, were first inaugurated.

camper to&ether 21035-005 women's $300 CAD

camper to&ether 21035-002 for men and women $300 CAD

camper to&ether 21035-007 $300 CAD

camper to&ether 18207-009 for him $300 CAD

camper to&ether for men 18207-006 $300 CAD

camper to&ether jaime hayon 18268-002 $265 CAD

jaime hayon for camper to&ether 18268-001 $300 CAD

puma - spring 2009

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The history of Puma Shoes is a journey through the greatest sporting achievements of the last fifty years. Puma Shoes has accompanied Pelé through World Cup finals, Boris Becker to the grass courts of Wimbledon and Linford Christie to an Olympic gold. It is a history of the constant search for improved performance through technological innovation and symbiotic work with top sports performers. Rudolf Dassler founded Puma Shoes in 1948 in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Direct business competition from his brother Adolf created the environment that was to charge the modern sports trade for decades.

This competition has created one of the most recognized sports brands around the world. Growing beyond just sport, Puma has collaborated with numerous well-known designers to create fashion styles and limited edition sneakers that are popular world-wide. Today we are featuring some of the hi lights for Puma spring 2009, First round Sketch, Factory and Mega collections.

First Round Sketch: From the puma archive in 1987, the First Round was a high cut version of the Basket. The padded collar made this shoe an instant hit with the skateboard community. Built with our performance skate construction, this version offers a truly unique hand painted look.

first round sketch 345903 05

first round sketch in black 345903 06

Factory: Pop Art taken to the next level. Inspired by an American artist who was a central figure in the Pop Art movement. All printed areas are overprinted using bright colors, as if they were silk screened. Named after a pop artist's studio in NY in the 1960's.

factory hi 347595 01

factory low 348345 01

Mega: Material and color update inspired by Mega Man, a video game first released by Capcom in 1987. The synthetic leather material looks and feels like vinyl, giving the upper a shiny, retro futuristic look.

mega black low 347611 02

mega low blue 347613 01

mega hi in red 348072 01

Want to know more? Sign onto gravitypope's e-mailing list for the latest updates for Puma and all of our brands.

Thanks to Puma Canada for the images.

gravitypope Tailored Goods - spring 2009

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Gravitypope has become known for the vast selection of footwear we carry, but ever since 1992, gravitypope Edmonton has carried a unique collection of clothing brands and designers. In 2006, gravitypope Tailored Goods Edmonton opened and allowed us to to truly showcase and feature the clothing lines we felt were exciting and important. This new and unique boutique inspired us to open a second gravitypope Tailored Goods location in Vancouver next door to our extremely popular Kitsilano shoe store.

Gravitypope Tailored Goods is a dynamic backdrop for for an exclusive selection of brands that expands on the gravitypope mandate of style and quality. Several of these brands offer a complete collection of accessories and footwear in addition to their clothing collections; so today we are featuring some of the footwear offered exclusively at gravitypope Tailored Goods.

Want to find out more about gravitypope Tailored Goods? check out their blog at Or come down to the stores for a unique shopping experience:

gravitypope Tailored Goods Edmonton
8222 gateway blvd.

gravitypope Tailored Goods Vancouver
2203 west 4th ave.

robert geller dance shoe 03-9h-d9008 $795 CAD

acne estrada hi $449 CAD

acne above suede court shoe $499 CAD

acne tour sandal for him $375 CAD

acne striking $499 CAD

a.p.c. derby, sizing and pricing details in store only.

won hundred scalo sandal $315 CAD

won hundred drum bootie $540 CAD

filippa k mick mid-calf boot $549 CAD

raf by raf simons hi top hs101-9090 $355 CAD

raf by raf simons 4 eye derby rs63-99 $325 CAD

fred perry - spring 2009

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Casual sneakers have been taking a turn towards the classic and one of the 'classic' casual shoes is the plimsoll. Originally created as beachwear in the 1830's by the Liverpool Rubber company Fred Perry has offered up some of the best plimsolls for spring 2009.

kingston twill B2087-888 $85 CAD

canvas plimsoll b2026-100 $75 CAD

table tennis in canvas b168-552 $95 CAD

kingston twill in grey b114-333 $85 CAD

byron mid in canvas b3076-552 $95 CAD

aitken in woven leather b3001-102 $265 CAD

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camper toðer+bernard hillhelm - spring 2009

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Camper to&ether was first started in 2006. Along with the designs of Jaime Hayon, other collaborators include, Bernard Willhelm, Alfredo Haberli,and Maria Blaisse. Together is a collaborative project that integrates one designers style with the existing designs of Camper. The outcome is a truly unique piece of footwear that reflects the collaboration of two design characteristics.

Today we are featuring the Bernhard Willhelm to&ether collection. Ethnic, earthy and expressly unrefined style with a luminous taste for colour. "Chaos is beautiful" Willhelm has been known to say. About him, they say he is ahead of tendencies and that the pieces he designs immediately become collectors' items.

willhelm and camper stacked leather sandal 21023-005 $325 CAD

willhelm and camper sandal with ties 21021-002 $235 CAD

willhelm and camper moccasin with buckle 21019-002 $435 CAD

tn_29_homage - spring 2009

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Gravitypope favorite, TN_29, introduces a new collection. Inspired by the original TN_29 archives, HOMAGE shoes are updated versions of classic designs that have special moulded rubber soles. The brightly coloured soles can only be achieved with rubber and in some styles, they have embedded textiles into the soles for that little extra individuality. As a result of this unique moulding process every shoe forms with its own random folds and finely frayed edges. With wear you personal footprint will begin to appear, making the shoes much more individual to you - all part of the Homage philosophy.

tiered mary jane jb805-rww $375 CAD

tiered two tone heel jb806-bwr $375 CAD

two tone brogue jb825-kw $325 CAD

perforated leather oxford jb703-blk $325 CAD

tiered oxford pump ja854-blk $375 CAD

wings + horns - spring 2009

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The greatly anticipated delivery of Wings+Horns arrived including a full re-order of the highly sought leather service boot in matte for the spring season. Wings + Horns footwear is clean with a twist and classic in silhouette. Not meant to steal to the show, but guaranteed to make you stand out.

leather service boot wi-7022 $650 CAD

perforated leather hi top wi-7026-wht $350 CAD

grey leather hi top wi-7013-gry $350 CAD

grey perforated leather trainer wi-7029-gry $325 CAD

men's boots - spring 2009

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For men, the desert boot is definitely the darling of spring 2009. From leather to canvas there is a great range of finishes and a diverse neutral palette that reinforces the versatility of the desert boot. But if this boot is a little 'run of the mill' for you, check out the military inspired sunday boot by N.D.C. and the Fiorentini + Baker 713 duel strapped mid calf boot. Exceptional alternatives to the norm and fantastic boot additions to any man's closet.

frye suede desert boot 57255-snd $298 CAD

clarks originals canvas desert boot 70102 $140 CAD

gravitypope distressed suede desert boot 499-002-b/c $150 CAD

moma woven leather desert boot 20806-i3 $625 CAD

grenson suede desert boot oscar-brn $345 CAD

trippen doc-esp $435 CAD

frye mottled leather desert boot 57255-map $298 CAD

clarks originals 70100 $120 CAD

dr. martens iconic 1460 in cherry $150 CAD

adam's boots short engineering boot 1925-rbr $295 CAD

n.d.c. military sunday-mil $795 CAD

fiorentini + baker p-ernsts-ice $550 CAD

fiorentini + baker 713-fli $625 CAD

gravitypope suede desert boot 499-002-blk $150 CAD

men's shoes - spring 2009

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We here at gravitypope are truly loving everything coming in for men this season. There are some amazing shoes that the guys on staff will definitely be adding to their closets. Below are some of the hi lights that have come in so far. There is a great sense of maturity and a timeless quality to the men's shoes for spring 09. Be they oxfords or gibson's, the leathers are exceptional and there are some amazing suede's that words are unable to describe.

moma 23803-r6 two toned brogued oxford $495 CAD

moma 21803-wc distressed suede loafer $495 CAD

moma 21804-w1, distressed suede gibson $495

acne striking-709 $499 CAD

n.d.c. hetta2-367 handmade 2 eye blucher $735 CAD

grenson noble-pne 5 eye brogued oxford $360 CAD

trippen enigma-brn with velcro strap $385 CAD

trippen snob-blk slip on $415 CAD

john varvatos slip venetian f9-48j4-525 $335 CAD