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Available in store and online extremely soon, Greson of England has launched their very first womens line for Autumn/Winter 2011! A female spin on their classic mens styles, Grenson womens footwear will feature all the same quality construction and materials that the line has been using to provide fine footwear for men for over 100 years.

Cultivating quite the commotion online, be sure to keep an ear to the ground for gravitypope arrival announcements from Greson Womens Autumn/Winter 2011 - we don't plan on these babies sticking around for long! 


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Yes, fall is here and winter is just around the corner. You can try to fight it, but despite our endless hopes & dreams, things are just going to get worse and worse - or does it? Not here! Here at gravitypope, we welcome the new season with open arms. Why? Well, despite millions of tall boxes being somewhat of a nuisance...the beautiful, soft, lucious, delectable leather goods that nestle inside of those cardboard walls bring a calming joy that warms our hearts - even the coldest ones. 

With shipments arriving every day, our boot selection grows by the minute both in store and online. Tall, short, for lifestyle, or for fantacy - we've got you covered, for any climate or occasion.

Here's a few gravitypope favourite's for womens fall/winter 2011 boots  currently available in store and online while quantities last. 

1. Acne 'Pistol' 2. Churchs 'Michelle
3. Marc Jacobs '616930' 4. Alexander Wang 'Ismini'
5. Vic Matie 'Tronchet' 6. Churchs 'Angelina


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Dries Van Noten Fall/Winter 2011 footwear styles now available in shop and for inquiry online.
Various styles/colours available for both mens and womens while quantities last.

Note: Horse hair? Snake skin detail? They're so completely awesome that we cant even
compile our feelings towards them into words.

1. Mens Dries Van Noten front detail 2. Mens Dries Van Noten side detail
3. Womens Dries Van Noten alongside Paul Smith, Alexander Wang 
Camila Scovgaard


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The Puritan sewing machine has been referred to as a "work horse" within the Red Wing Shoe Company. The Puritan creates our iconic triple stitch detail which contributes to the durability and strength of our boots. Listen to those who work with these machines as they explain how they work, and why we keep using them. - Red Wing Shoe Company

Red Wing stlyes for the Fall/Winter 2011 season available in store and online.
Red Wing for WOMEN now available in the Classic 8 hole Moc Toe.
Black and Red - sizes limited while quantities last.  


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Oyster Magazine recently released their coverage of Womens Spring/Summer 2012 New York Fashion Week through the lens of photographer/blogger extraordinaire Yimmy Yayo. A nice alternative look to the shows is given as Yayo provides a few backstage, front row, and post show photos from Alexander Wang, Band Of Outsiders, Preen, and Rag & Bone. Great shots, and a great view of things to come in shop for the Spring/Summer 2012 season!





Additional coverage by Yimmy Yayo for the above collections, as well additional shows presented during womens NYFW Spring/Summer 2012 can be found on

Alexander Wang, Boy. by Band Of Outsiders, Preen, and Rag & Bone for the current Fall/Winter 2011 season now available in shop, and online at


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An up close and personal look from ONEEIGHTNINE and their seats the at Oliver Spencer Spring/Summer 2012 runway show in London. Shot front row through a Pentax K1000, ONEEIGHTNINE provides us with a delightful look at the show with images in a softer hue - and a desirable one at that!

Oliver Spencer SS12 from ONEEIGHTNINE below.
Oliver Spencer for the current Fall/Winter 2011 season
currently available in shop.


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Nudie Jeans presenting another great online feature titled 'Organic Cotton'.
More photos and words from the Sweedish denim & fashion label below! 

'The mainstream method of cultivating cotton has a major impact on the environment. However, there is huge potential for improving the situation, and choosing organically grown cotton is one way of making a difference. In order for cotton to be organically certified, the fields where it is farmed must be totally free from pesticides for a period of three years. At the denim producer, the spinning, dyeing and finishing of the yarn for our organic jeans is carried out in accordance with organic procedures.
When it comes to Nudie Jeans, organic cotton is not just a seasonal fashion trend. We have higher aims than that – our long-term goal is to use exclusively organic cotton.

GOTS The majority of the organic denim used by Nudie Jeans is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). The aim of the GOTS standards is to define requirements that are world-wide recognised. This is to certify the authenticity of organic textiles and to give a credible assurance to the end consumer. Our dry organic jeans are GOTS certified through our supplers. This means that the whole production chain, from cotton to a pair of jeans, is certified.

THE TEXTILE EXCHANGE Nudie Jeans is a member of the Textile Exchange (formerly The Organic Exchange), which is a non-profit organisation that supports the farming and trading of organically grown cotton.' -
Nudie Jeans


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Nudie Jeans with their online feature 'Slow Denim'.
With styles for the season stocked up and currently available in shop, take a read over
& enjoy a few fine snaps provided by our fine friends over at Nudie Jeans for their online feature.  

'SELVAGE DENIM IS MADE on old-style shuttle looms. The fabric is woven using one continuous cross thread; the weft. As the weft loops back into the edge of the weave the selvage edge is created. This edge is usually stitched with a coloured thread. On vintage jeans, some selvage denim has green, brown or yellow thread running down the edge. These stitches were intended as distinctions used by the mills to differentiate between fabrics. Best known is the red selvage.

Selvage production is much slower than conventionally produced denim, and only the best raw materials are used. It can be compared to the "slow food" movement; this is slow denim.

THE OLD SHUTTLE LOOMS produce three metres of 75 centimetre-wide selvage denim per hour, and a modern loom is more than ten times faster. And, as the shuttle looms date back to the 1950s, they require a lot of tender loving care in order to work.

Modern denim production is a high-tech industry in which computers control much of the process. In the slow denim factory, the looms are under constant supervision from a couple of denim craftsmen, who oil the machinery and inspect the weaves
The rhythmic sound of the shuttles going back and forth creates a loud and hypnotic soundtrack. Naturally, the slow production process makes the denim more expensive, but there are also many advantages. The low speed produces far less stress on the yarn, which makes the hand of the denim softer and the fabric more durable.' -
Nudie Jeans

A.P.C. WINTER 2011

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A.P.C. WINTER 2011
now available in shop & online.


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The Autumn/Winter 2011 collection from Peter Jensen has arrived! Titled 'Anna Karina', the seasons styles are now available in shop and online. Shot in LA, check out the Peter Jensen AW11 lookbook below showcasing styles available through gravitypope Tailored Goods while quantities last.  

For more, view the entire lookbook at


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Inventory Magazine with their latest online feature 'Q&A Yuketen Fall/Winter 2011 collection'. Their most recent feature takes us inside the Yuketen factory and includes a pleasant sit down with Yuki Matsuda (Founder) discussing the brand, what to expect from the seasons styles, features, and collaborations for FW11.

 Interview and photo's below courtesy of Inventory Magazine. To view more of the 
interview in it's entirety visit
Inventory Magazine online.  

Was there any source of inspiration behind the FW11 collection that differed from previous seasons?
For FW11 I wanted to maintain the overall Yuketen aesthetic of classic American outdoor sporting lifestyle in addition to classic town and country American lifestyles. Of course there are some new style additions for FW11 but overall the feeling is the same as with past seasons.

Does working in Maine feel it has influenced the direction of your brand?
We know the region holds a special place in your heart. I love Maine and I always enjoy spending time there. Maine living is like being transported back in time 40 - 50 years because there is an overcoming feeling of freedom which cannot be experienced in a metropolitan area. Maine is removed from the influences of modern city life and there are less people so I feel great freedom when I am in Maine. I love all countryside areas throughout the World. I think I am more at peace when surrounded by nature.

What sorts of challenges arise from collection to collection? Were there any hurdles that you felt you had to overcome for this Fall/Winter collection?
Quality control is always a top priority for Yuketen and we continue to strive for the best quality every season. Also, it is very difficult to get leather on time and very difficult to recruit people that can produce Yuketen quality products.

When working on a new collection, do you feel there are boundaries when it comes to your designs?
Not really. I have a great team and everybody helps me so I can concentrate on new ideas and have freedom of design.Quality construction and innovative design are elements of the brand that really define it from similar brands out there.

Do you find pushing things forwards can be tough while you are using the production methods of an older time and in a market that is becoming very saturated?
No I don't think so. I have ideas cooked up for many shoes that I want to make using the current construction methods we are using. No other brand can match Yuketen's quality because of the amazing people that create Yuketen. I truly believe no other factory possesses the talents that we do. I have a great team and I'm not alone.

Do you have any new styles or updated versions in your upcoming collection that has
you feeling really excited?
Of course I like all Yuketen styles but Maine Guide Wingtip Boots are my favorite this season.

What has it been like to witness Yuketen grow season after season? How do you decide which retailers will stock your collections?
So far so good thanks to the Yuketen team! We still have a long ways to go though. As far as new customers all I can say is that we will choose them very carefully. Yuketen products are very limited so we need to be picky which stores are capable of selling Yuketen. Our first criteria for selecting a retail partner is their ability to stand behind our products 100%. I hope they can be as passionate about Yuketen as I am.

Living in California, is there aspects of your lifestyle, like surfing, that play a major role in the development of your brand?
Not much actually, California is my home where I can relax and keep a normal routine. For example, on a normal Sunday I enjoy shopping at the Antique Market and having dim sum lunch. I know it may sound simple but that is what I enjoy most about California living, the simplicity. - Inventory


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Another great video from Native introducing their collaborative boot with Marc Jacobs for Fall 2011!

'A snowy showdown in the shadow of Mt. Elsewhere. Frosty feet get saved by the Jimmy, but what warms a frozen heart after your girl runs off with a beast from the east? May we suggest Marc Jacobs and Native? The limited edition Jimmy boot now available exclusively at Marc Jacobs stores.' - Native

Native mens, womens & kids footwear for Fall 2011 now available in shop
and online at


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Our first deliveries from Cacharel Fall 2011 now available in stock!
Floral dresses, bright  knits, silk pleated skirts, outerwear and more
now available in store and for inquiry online.  

1. Floral Print Dress 2. Heavy Knit Wool Sweater
w/ Full Pleat Skirt 3. Pleated Shift Dress