Young Brazilian footwear company Melissa creates injection molded sandals, shoes, boots and heels. Transforming spheres of plastic into objects of desire. Authentic sculptures that are the communion of design, fashion, fun, technology and renewal.

With the understanding that we need to protect natural resources for future generations, Melissa has sustainable development as a cornerstone of their work and is key to their economic development. It is their obligation to produce without damaging the environment. Key to that sustainability is design and as a result, Melissa's have collaborated with some of fashions and designs darlings including Karim Rashid, Alexandre Herchcovitch and Vivienne Westwood.

vivienne westwood anglomania for melissa, summertime 30309-1003 $199 CAD

alexandre herchcovitch for melissa 30254-1003 $99 CAD

night 30350-1003 $69 CAD

vinyl t-strap wedge 30232 $86 CAD

scarfun t-strap wedge30232 $86 CAD