In 2002 two Berlin designers, Alexander Barré and Torsten Heine, rediscovered Zeha. By 2003 they had used the creative energy of the young capital city to create the 'Zeha Berlin Streetwear' collection: streetwise sneakers in the style of the legendary original model. A short time later, the two craftsmen Barré and Heine took on the task of combining a sporty heritage with the urban present. The results were shoes that feature a fascinating combination of tradition and modernity – the 'Carl Häßner Meisterschuhe.' The finest Italian leather, hand-finished leather soles, and a beautiful palette of colours, in combination with a high level of comfort thanks to modern styling, complete the shoes' unique charm.

4 eye oxford with stacked heel for women 381.5 $429 CAD

women's 4 eye gibson 351.11 $459 CAD

women's 4 eye brogue 381.10 $429 CAD

women's 7 eye ankle boot 347.11 $499 CAD

men's oxford with toe cap 359.10 $459 CAD

men's 5 eye ankle boot 404.5 $479 CAD

men's 5 eye ankle boot in brown 404.2 $479 CAD