Father's Day Gift Guide

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Row One: Paul Smith Cuffs | Rag & Bone Tie | Church's Shoes | Happy Socks |

Row Two: H by Hudon Oxford | Filippa K Blazer | Filippa K Pant | Paul Smith Pin |

Row Three: Cursor & Thread Tie | Rag & Bone Fedora | Paul Smith Cuff Links | Cursor & Thread |

Row Four: Falke Socks | Fiorentini & Baker Oxford | Comme des Garcon Parfum | Comme des Garcon Wallet |

Row Five: Dr Martens | Comme des Garcon belt | United Stock Dry Denim | Want Essentiels bag |

Row Six: Chippewa Boots | Red Wing Kit | United Stock Dry Belt | Red Wing boots |


Brighten Up

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Dr. Martens Sandal

Audley Sandal

Acne Studios Sneaker


White Inspirations

50 Years of Dr. Martens

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The history of Dr. Martens runs hand in hand with its rich iconographic status: the Doc Martens boot is a distinctive part of aesthetic movements that represent many groups of people and periods in time. In celebration of Dr. Martens 50th anniversary, a hip campaign has been launched synthesizing this history through the eyes of young and emerging artists, musicians, and directors. Ten bands were asked to record their versions of cult classic tracks that represent the spirit of Dr. Martens over the past five decades. Fully documented over YouTube, Dr. Martens shows that even after 50 years, the brand can stay current without losing its classic styling.

It's really quite fitting that Dr. Martens chose to use such visually stunning videos to celebrate this iconography. Here's Britain's The Noisette's rocking some Docs with a cover of the Buzzcock's Ever Fallen in Love:

Be sure to check out their YouTube Channel 50YEARSOFDRMARTENS to watch the rest of the videos, or their website to download the hot tracks for free!

Gravitypope also happens to be carrying a few styles as featured in the videos too, check them out now for men and women:

Dr. Martens, R13499430 "1460 metallic 8 eye boot" (women's) $160 CAD

Dr. Martens, R11822006 "1460 8-eye boot rubber sole" (men's) $150 CAD

Dr. Martens, R13266601 "tyree tarten mid height" (women's) $150 - on sale for $99.99 CAD

Dr. Martens - fall 2009

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Dr. Martens has been doing some great collaborations as of late. Previously we have featured the Raf Simons collaboration of the 1461 in a patent white and navy for men. For this season, we had to get the exclusive on the Louise Body collaboration (wren 14 eye boot) featuring a beautiful detail seen on her 'birdies' and 'lacey birdies' wallprints. For those of you familiar with our gravitypope Tailored Goods location in Edmonton, the 'birdie' wallprint adorns our walls and blends seamlessly with the vintage fixtures we have been collecting. Another great style that we have received for fall came from the collaboration of Opening Ceremony and Dr. Martens. The darcie is a heeled version of the iconic 1460 and is a striking option for those who love their heels and the comfort of Dr. Martens.

But Dr. Martens for fall is not all about collaborations. The McMarten tartan is a great plaid for fall and is very impressive on the 1460 last seen below for women. For men, the weston mid height, offers a great option to the classic 1460 and is also lined in the McMartan tartan too.

More Dr. Martens still to come and as always, we have a great collection of the core styles that the brand has become famous for, in store and online at gravitypope.com.

r13216100 "louise body wren 8 eye lace-up" (women's) $220 CAD

r12890600 "darcie 3" (women's) $175 CAD

r13266601 "mcmarten tarten mid height" $150 CAD

r13237001 "weston mid height ankle" (men's) $160 CAD

men's boots - spring 2009

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For men, the desert boot is definitely the darling of spring 2009. From leather to canvas there is a great range of finishes and a diverse neutral palette that reinforces the versatility of the desert boot. But if this boot is a little 'run of the mill' for you, check out the military inspired sunday boot by N.D.C. and the Fiorentini + Baker 713 duel strapped mid calf boot. Exceptional alternatives to the norm and fantastic boot additions to any man's closet.

frye suede desert boot 57255-snd $298 CAD

clarks originals canvas desert boot 70102 $140 CAD

gravitypope distressed suede desert boot 499-002-b/c $150 CAD

moma woven leather desert boot 20806-i3 $625 CAD

grenson suede desert boot oscar-brn $345 CAD

trippen doc-esp $435 CAD

frye mottled leather desert boot 57255-map $298 CAD

clarks originals 70100 $120 CAD

dr. martens iconic 1460 in cherry $150 CAD

adam's boots short engineering boot 1925-rbr $295 CAD

n.d.c. military sunday-mil $795 CAD

fiorentini + baker p-ernsts-ice $550 CAD

fiorentini + baker 713-fli $625 CAD

gravitypope suede desert boot 499-002-blk $150 CAD

dr. martens - spring 2009

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Doctor Klaus Martens designed his classic boot in response to an injury that made his standard issue army boots to uncomfortable on his injured foot. With the air padded sole and softer leather, the first ‘Docs’ were designed in 1945. By 1959, sales had grown to the point where marketing internationally had grown feasible. It was at that time that British manufacture R. Griggs Group bought the patent rights to manufacture in the UK. With a slight re-shape of the heel to make them fit better, trademarked yellow stitching and sole named AirWair, the first Dr. Martens boots were released on April 1, 1960. Known as the 1460, the eight eyelets, cherry red, Nappa leather design has become a footwear icon.

pascale primary green 13067325 $140 CAD

pascale primary red 13064601 $140 CAD

pascale primary blue 13066430 $140 CAD

1460 classic 8 hole in white r11821100 $150 CAD