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Viewing Gidigio Fall 2013 in Milan, we asked Gidigio Owner/Designer
Giorgio D'Alessandro 6 questions on the Fall 2013 collection, must haves,
and hitting the slopes!

Name Giorgio D'Alessandro
Occupation Founder, Owner, Designer
Gidigio, and Giorgio D'Alessandro
Homebase Italy

No. 1 What's on your feet today?
Gidigio collections! Nothing looks or feels as
good as a shoe that takes 7 days to produce!

No. 2 How did you end up where you are today?
After working with my brother in the shoe industry for some time,
I turned my experience into the design and production of my own
line in 1996. Since then Gidigio has evolved into an ever evolving
line that looks to stay innovating, while honouring
the Made In Italy standard.

No. 3 Favourite shoe from the Fall 13 line?
I do love the R 3897. This is a mod angle boot on a beautiful
stacked leather heel. Done in a velour leather, this boot
has a bit of the 70s mixed with what's next. 

No. 4 Fall 13 inspiration?  
There is a saying that, "nothing is new". However, I do try to provide
vision into what is around the corner, while playing with some styling of
the past (like the boot above). So Fall 13 is a mix of old and new,
but...more new than old.

No. 5 Personal must have for Fall?
Gotten the guy's Tubo motorcycle boot.

No. 6 Favourite place to hit the slopes?
Saas Fee, Switzerland. I have a little chalet there...very relaxing.
The town allows no cars inside the pedestrian zone...ah the tranquility.  

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gidigio - spring 2009

Posted Feb 6, 2009 by gravitypope in gidigio

Since 1996 gidigio has been at the forefront of innovation and style in the fashion shoe industry. Its owner Giorgio D'Alessandro has been directly involved in the design and production of the line since its inception. Gidigio has blended the latest fashion and highest quality materials into an extensive footwear line featuring top grain leather heels, sandals, ballet flats and boots that uphold the "Made in Italy" quality label.

5PL008 sandal $325 CAD

B7707 stacked heel double strap mary jane $320 CAD

B7746 stacked heel leather loafer $315 CAD

B7704B lace up "granny" boot $400 CAD