Natalia Brilli

Posted Nov 17, 2010 by Bianca Kristensen in natalia brilli

New shipments in!

Irina Necklace,
$965 CAD

Helmet Bracelet,
$475 CAD

Link Necklace,
$695 CAD

Linkcho Necklace,
$495 CAD

Multhorn Bracelet,
$450 CAD

Thorn Bracelet,
$260 CAD

GLORIA for Splux Magazine (H.K.)

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GLORIA fashion editorial featuring gpTG
SS10 goods by the always lovely & talented
Shiva Shabani.

'Maverick' - TLC Magazine

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Spring 2010 gpTG clothing featured in
'Maverick' fashion story for
TLC Magazine,
styled by Kyla Hemmelgarn
& Deanna Palkowski.

Natalia Brilli

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Hercule Necklace,
$950 CAD

Leda Bracelet,
$375 CAD

Demetra Bracelet,
$395 CAD

Linked Choker,
$495 CAD

Lace Bracelet,
$275 CAD

Little Nolex Bracelet,
$325 CAD

Nolex Bracelet,
$350 CAD

Tyler Bracelet,
$135 CAD

Lenny Bracelet,
$225 CAD

Natalia Brilli

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A couple of new
Natalia Brilli SS10
now available.

Rope Bracelete,
$195 CAD

Crocodile Bracelete,
$295 CAD

New Natalia Brilli

Posted Oct 21, 2009 by Bianca Kristensen in natalia brilli

Our new shipment of Natalia Brilli definitely hits the spot. It goes without saying that leather is a heavy hitter for this season, and what better way to play with your fall look than to toss things up with some NB accessories. From leather covered coyote skulls to wishbone necklaces, these pieces would not only be a great addition to your personal wardrobe, but also considerable gifts for the upcoming holiday season. I could blabber on, but these pieces need no words of encouragement...

Leather Covered Coyote Skull, $1595 CAD

Keffiyeh Leather Scarf, $895 CAD

Damned Multi Strand Leather Necklace, $850

Jay Bird Leather Brooch, $275 CAD

Jay Bird Skull Brooch, $250 CAD

Jayne Bird Skull Pendant Necklace, $325 CAD

Wishbone Pendant Leather Necklace, $225 CAD

Gourmette Leather Wrapped Bracelet, $295 CAD

Small Stitched Wrist Band, $135 CAD

Large Sliced Wristband, $225 CAD

Bone Cuff Bracelet, $295 CAD

Blink Contact Lens Leather Zip Case, $250 CAD

Limited supply! Come check it out or inquire online!

View all of our Natalia Brilli stock online here.
Visit the Natalia Brilli website here.

New Natalia Brilli

Posted Sep 7, 2009 by Bianca Kristensen in natalia brilli

Nolex Leather Wrapped Watch, $360 CAD

Sid Small Spiked Leather Bracelet, $395 CAD

Key Pendant Leather Necklace, $250 CAD

Key Pendant Leather Necklace, $275 CAD

Lydia Small Ring Earring, $275 CAD

Chained Link Long Leather Necklace, $750 CAD

Chained Link Bracelet Leather, $375 CAD

View more our Natalia Billi stock online here.
Visit the Natalia Billi website here.

Natalia Brilli featured in Fashion Magazine

Posted Apr 20, 2009 by Bianca Kristensen in natalia brilli

The title of the post pretty much says it all! Natalia Brilli was profiled as one of the "fashionfileonestowatch" in the April 09 issue of Fashion. Pick up the issue and read what Fashion has to say about one of our favourite accessory designers here at the store! While you're at it, you might as well stop by and try on a few of the leather bound goodies we recently just received from the SS09 this here "three rows beads necklace" that happens to be one of the items photographed/featured in the article!

Natalia Brilli Three Rows Beads Necklace, $735 CAD

Natalia Brilli: FW 08/09

Posted Sep 20, 2008 by Emanuel in natalia brilli

Apologies for the lack of updates again, but I promise that we won't bore you with this upcoming post at all. It was worth the wait! Presenting: Natalia Brilli!

Straddling the worlds of theatre and fashion, Natalia Brilli designed sets and costumes whilst simultaneously collaborating with established fashion designers until, after joining Paris' IFM in 2003, she decided to devote all her energy to her life's passion: fashion accessories. In 2004 she joined Rochas where she still works to this date. That same year she launched her own label, which was snapped up by Maria Luisa, Browns and Barneys--and now Gravity Pope Tailored Goods!

Appropriating the emblematic codes of classic jewellery, Natalia's pieces have an ethereal presence, monochromatic yet weightless, their essence freed from unnecessary embellishment. Her inspiration follows the natural rhythm of the seasons without ever forsaking her signature "pearls". Her colour range, limited in the beginning to black, green, and purple, now includes pastel tones with natural or metallic finishes.

The darker side to her jewellery, inspired by century Vanity paintings, Victorian-era aesthetics and Dario Argento's horror flicks, give rise to beautiful creations that wouldn't look out of place displayed in a Baudelairian cabinet of curiosities.

(All items are made with buttery-soft lamb leather, often moulded to metals for some super interesting pieces!) Be sure to click on the pictures to link to our website, where you can see bigger and alternate views on all the product.

Natalia Brilli 'Le Classic' Clutch with Pearl Rows, $995 CAD
(with attached key clip and covered leather mirror)

Natalia Brilli 'Le Sautoir' Long Pearl Collar with Nodes, $395 CAD
Natalia Brilli 'Link' Long Leather Chain Necklace, $695 CAD

Natalia Brilli 'Identity' Dog Tag Pendant, $265 CAD
Natalia Brilli 'Gourmette' Leather Covered Metal Gourmette Bracelet, $265 CAD

Natalia Brilli 'Mirage' Pilot Bag with Removable Strap, $995 CAD
Natalia Brilli 'Vanity' Minaudiere Vanity, $1295 CAD

Natalia Brilli 'Creditwallet' Card Holder, $155 CAD
Natalia Brilli 'Black Beauty' Horse Head Bracelet, $245 CAD

Natalia Brilli 'Chained' Leather Chain Bracelet, $350 CAD
Natalia Brilli 'Kelso' Large Horse Face Pendant, $175 CAD