Camper Together & Bernhard Willhelm (S/S 2010)

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Belgian designer Bernhard Willhelm's collaboration with Camper Together had a lot of people in the office wondering just how these funky sandals would look on a foot.  The designer's signature designs have interpreted recycled and eco-friendly materials into wearable art.

Google didn't offer much for pictures in terms of real people in these shoes, so we took it upon ourselves to do the world a favour.  What do you think? (Click on the pictures to zoom in.)

21275-005 "willhelm flat w/thick leather tie sandal" (women's) $260 CAD

21276-002 "willhelm stacked 2" heel w/thick leather tie sandal" (women's) $225 CAD

camper toðer+jaime hayon - spring 2009

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Jaime Hayon is a young Spanish artist and designer who studied industrial design in in Madrid and Paris before reaching Fabrica in 1997, the centre for investigation of the Benetton Group in Treviso. In 2004 he decided to pursue his own career and currently resides in London and has projects in different parts of the world.

He continues to exhibit his most personal work at art galleries and keeps alive the relationship he started with Camper in 2006 when their stores, with the together concept, were first inaugurated.

camper to&ether 21035-005 women's $300 CAD

camper to&ether 21035-002 for men and women $300 CAD

camper to&ether 21035-007 $300 CAD

camper to&ether 18207-009 for him $300 CAD

camper to&ether for men 18207-006 $300 CAD

camper to&ether jaime hayon 18268-002 $265 CAD

jaime hayon for camper to&ether 18268-001 $300 CAD

camper toðer+bernard hillhelm - spring 2009

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Camper to&ether was first started in 2006. Along with the designs of Jaime Hayon, other collaborators include, Bernard Willhelm, Alfredo Haberli,and Maria Blaisse. Together is a collaborative project that integrates one designers style with the existing designs of Camper. The outcome is a truly unique piece of footwear that reflects the collaboration of two design characteristics.

Today we are featuring the Bernhard Willhelm to&ether collection. Ethnic, earthy and expressly unrefined style with a luminous taste for colour. "Chaos is beautiful" Willhelm has been known to say. About him, they say he is ahead of tendencies and that the pieces he designs immediately become collectors' items.

willhelm and camper stacked leather sandal 21023-005 $325 CAD

willhelm and camper sandal with ties 21021-002 $235 CAD

willhelm and camper moccasin with buckle 21019-002 $435 CAD