Nice Collective: S/S 2009

Posted Feb 10, 2009 by Emanuel in nice collective

Nice Collective's Spring/Summer collection for 2009 continues to display the brand's rugged and definitive signature, yet they are still able to show a growing strength in adapting it to changing seasonal inspirations. This Spring's collection, entitled Voix de Ville, translates the exotic world of the performing vagabond and traveling carnies with a touch of the Bowery Boys (as shown on their graphic tees).

Nice Collective Regime Cashmere Sweater, $565 CAD

Nice Collective Light Striped Jacket, $435 CAD

Nice Collective Raw Cardigan Sweater, $435 CAD

Nice Collective Striped Hoodie, $360 CAD

Nice Collective Reverse Nylon Jacket, $450 CAD

Nice Collective Top Hat T-Shirt, $115 CAD

Nice Collective Rendesvous T-Shirt, $120 CAD

Nice Collective Script T-Shirt, $110 CAD

Nice Collective Bowery Boys Shirt, $120 CAD

Nice Collective X-Stripe T-Shirt, $100 CAD

Nice Collective

Posted Feb 17, 2008 by Emanuel in nice collective

For those film buffs out there, the latest shipment from Nice Collective is extra awesome because of the inspiration behind this season's collection. With reference to Fritz Lang's Metropolis, the edgy German Expressionist aesthetic the famed director was known for has translated into some pretty edgy graphics.

Nice Collective Party People S/S T-Shirt, $80 CAD

Nice Collective Zebra Head S/S T-Shirt, $80 CAD

Nice Collective Anti Stripe S/S T-Shirt, $80 CAD

It seems that the leather jacket has been a signature piece of Nice Collective since we started carrying the line, but the newest arrival has yet to look bad on any of the male staff that have tried it on. Just ask all them all--since we put it on the salesfloor at least four have come in and trounced around in front of the mirror for a ridiculous amount of time.

Nice Collective Hooded Leather Jacket, $1170 CAD

Also featured:

Nice Collective Sheer L/S Pullover Hoodie, $150 CAD

Nice Collective Stick Narrow Leg Cotton Pant, $240 CAD

More styles in store!