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Santa Maria Novella is a beautiful apothecary collection founded in Florence, Italy in the 13th century. Every item produced by this legendary house has been developed with care, love, and respect.

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Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

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With Eugenio Alphandery at the helm, Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella both perpetuates and renews the ancient traditions of herbal care. Founded by Dominican friars shortly after 1221 and opened to the public in 1612, SMN is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. Using only natural raw materials of the highest quality and continuing to follow the ancient procedures originated by the Founding Fathers, SMN focuses exclusively on the herbalist's art, basing all its preparations on traditional herbs and oils of natural origin. The vast majority of the medicinal herbs used in its products are grown locally on the hills around Florence. Furthermore, none of its products are tested on animals. With an eye to innovation, SMN now prepares its products in Liberty style facilities using equipment which has been specially designed and built combining modern technology with ancient producing methods.

Available in-store only, gravitypope Tailored Goods is proud to be one of the exclusive retailers of Santa Maria Novella. Come and smell the precious Acqua della Regina classic cologne originally created for Caterina de'Medici, wife of Henry II and the Queen of France, who made it popular throughout the country. Or cure a headache with the healing vapours of the Orange Blossom Water. Come on in and ask us about the history behind many of the products; the stories that come out of this apothecary line are absolutely fascinating! Here's a selection of some of the products that are found in both the Edmonton and Vancouver GPTG stores--even the packaging alone is beautiful!

Santa Maria Novella Rose Water (Orange Blossom Water also available, not pictured)
Santa Maria Novella Talborina Dusting Powder

Santa Maria Novella Pomegranate Bath Salts
Santa Maria Novella Armenia Papers

Santa Maria Novella Scented Terracotta Pomegranate
Santa Maria Novella Body Milk (a personal favorite of many staff members!)

Santa Maria Novella Before and After Shave Cream
Santa Maria Novella Bath / Shower Gels (available in Marine Algae and Chamomile)

Santa Maria Novella Crema Pedestre (Foot Cream)
Santa Maria Novella Pomegranate Candle Set (Tall Single Candles also available for sale)

Santa Maria Novella Box of 3 Milk Soaps (available in Rose, Violet and Verbena)
Santa Maria Novella Non-Alcoholic Emulsion Aftershave

Santa Maria Novella Box of Pomegranate Soaps (individual Bath and smaller Toilette soaps also available for sale)
Santa Maria Novella Colognes (available scents: Santa Maria Novella Acqua della Regina, Pomegranate (SMN's most popular scent), Russian, and Honeysuckle)

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