Since the day we first opened our doors about a year ago, the spaces that our stores have taken up have given GPTG the inspiration to expand from carrying clothing items to an eclectic range of products that embody a lifestyle of quality. Always supportive of independent artists and their creative endeavours (see previous post), Gravity Pope Tailored Goods has received art 'zines from Cederteg Publishing highlighting the works of several hand-selected artists.

The independent publisher, spear-headeded straight out of Stockholm by Tony Cederteg is carried at a wide range of note-worthy boutiques around the world. Every publication is a limited print, so be sure to snag your copy right away as several of the featured artists we carry have already had their issues sell out online!

Cederteg N°2 by Nicholas Haggard, $17 CAD

"Bee-Headed" by Jessica Albarn, $17 CAD

"Who's Laughing Now" by Kevin Christy, $17 CAD SOLD OUT

"Ain't no Uzis made in Harlem" by Hannes Isaksson , $17 CAD