Moma and Grenson show us how their shoes are made!

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Ever wonder how the shoe making process works? These clips from gravitypope favorites Moma and Grenson show just that. It's fascinating just how different the manufacturing mechanisms are between the two, but after getting to know the lines from season-to-season, one can really see how each process makes sense for the overall character of each brand.  I'm sure Grenson & Moma fans out there would agree!

Grenson x Tenue de Nîmes - Factory report from Menno - Tenue de Nîmes.

MOMA - Midnight Over My Actions from Leandro Manuel Emede.

Elf cobblers they are not. Magical? Quite possibly.

Grenson, 5032-02 "sharp wingtip flat brogue derby boot" (men's) $385 CAD

MOMA, 64901-T2 "almond toe 1/2" flat stacked heel 6 eye blucher" (men's) $495 CAD

heeled sandals at gravitypope

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Sandals and heels are a marvelous combination. Be it a full wedge, partial wedge, stacked heel or pump, gravitypope has a great variety of heeled sandals for the summer months. An even greater range of sandals are available in store and online at

moma 53805-l7 $495 CAD

fly london vila p141234-003 $270 CAD

gentle souls by kenneth cole "wedge hammer" $220 CAD

camper 20906-003 $190 CAD

marc jacobs patent leather multi strapped wedge 693976-008 $450 CAD

paul smith "lori" s9lpc748cnt $425 CAD

opening ceremony w6-blk $485 CAD

indigo zanzibar 83813 $110 CAD

men's boots - spring 2009

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For men, the desert boot is definitely the darling of spring 2009. From leather to canvas there is a great range of finishes and a diverse neutral palette that reinforces the versatility of the desert boot. But if this boot is a little 'run of the mill' for you, check out the military inspired sunday boot by N.D.C. and the Fiorentini + Baker 713 duel strapped mid calf boot. Exceptional alternatives to the norm and fantastic boot additions to any man's closet.

frye suede desert boot 57255-snd $298 CAD

clarks originals canvas desert boot 70102 $140 CAD

gravitypope distressed suede desert boot 499-002-b/c $150 CAD

moma woven leather desert boot 20806-i3 $625 CAD

grenson suede desert boot oscar-brn $345 CAD

trippen doc-esp $435 CAD

frye mottled leather desert boot 57255-map $298 CAD

clarks originals 70100 $120 CAD

dr. martens iconic 1460 in cherry $150 CAD

adam's boots short engineering boot 1925-rbr $295 CAD

n.d.c. military sunday-mil $795 CAD

fiorentini + baker p-ernsts-ice $550 CAD

fiorentini + baker 713-fli $625 CAD

gravitypope suede desert boot 499-002-blk $150 CAD

men's shoes - spring 2009

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We here at gravitypope are truly loving everything coming in for men this season. There are some amazing shoes that the guys on staff will definitely be adding to their closets. Below are some of the hi lights that have come in so far. There is a great sense of maturity and a timeless quality to the men's shoes for spring 09. Be they oxfords or gibson's, the leathers are exceptional and there are some amazing suede's that words are unable to describe.

moma 23803-r6 two toned brogued oxford $495 CAD

moma 21803-wc distressed suede loafer $495 CAD

moma 21804-w1, distressed suede gibson $495

acne striking-709 $499 CAD

n.d.c. hetta2-367 handmade 2 eye blucher $735 CAD

grenson noble-pne 5 eye brogued oxford $360 CAD

trippen enigma-brn with velcro strap $385 CAD

trippen snob-blk slip on $415 CAD

john varvatos slip venetian f9-48j4-525 $335 CAD

moma - spring 2009

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MOMA's mother company FRAGO, was founded in 1975 by brothers Luigi, Nelso and Daniele Gironacci. The first activity of FRAGO was the production of trendy shoes, hand crafted following state of the art Italian shoemakers traditions. MOMA grew up season after season to become a highly fashionable and technically advanced shoe collection.

distressed blue oxford 37801-l2 $495 CAD

cuffed leather sandal 32802-s2 $465 CAD

distressed gladiator sandal with stacked heel 53805-l7 $495 CAD

t-strap wedge with buckle detail 54803-w9 $495 CAD

distressed white leather boot 34802-l7 $675 CAD

blue suede boot with stitch detail 55804-w5 $665 CAD