TN_29 Homage - Fall 2009

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TN_29 Homage is an amazing collection by designer Tracey Neuls that pays 'homage' to her first collection, TN_29. Using the TN_29 archive, Homage offers a great use of materials and key to that is the molded rubber sole that in some cases is embedded with a variety of materials. As a result of this unique moulding process every shoe forms with its own random folds and finely frayed edges.

ja854-n/p bump toe with plaid sole $385 CAD

ja811-blk bump toe bootie with polka dot piping $430 CAD

ja854-b/n bump toe shoe $385 CAD

jb023-blk chelsea boot in black with navy sole $415 CAD

jb023-gry chelsea boot $415 CAD

jb703-b/g two tone 2 eye lace up $345 CAD

TN_29 - fall 2009

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At the start of every new season, we at gravitypope always anticipate the latest collection from designer Tracey Neuls. TN_29 fall 2009 reflects Tracey's instinctive feel for form and materials, transforming 'shoes' into 'shapes'. Shunning the mainstream fads, TN_29 shoes offer a timeless quality and an unparalleled individuality that are rich in details.

va927-smo $750 CAD

vb924-n/b $695 CAD

tracey neuls - spring 2009

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Since 2005 the Tracey Neuls shop on 29 Marylebone Lane in London’s West End has been the perfect showcase for Tracey Neuls' footwear brand TN_29. Continuing and exemplifying her unique tradition of sculptural footwear hand crafted with old-world shoe making expertise, the Tracey Neuls line was created in 2006. Tracey Neuls is the natural growth of the TN_29 brand. Carefully chosen rich Italian leathers, unique lasts, sculptural heels and last but not least, soles hand signed by the person who lasts the shoes.

Each pair is truly a work of art, with a connection to the hands that crafted them.

two eye, wrapped heel with cutout tna91-grn $725 CAD

two eye heel with cut out tna911-wht $725 CAD

metallic peep toe with wrapped heel tna902-ros $725 CAD

partial wedge mary jane with bow detail tnm901-bw $725 CAD