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Shap magazine just released a list of The Best Canadian Menswear 
Designers - which not surprisingly includes a few of our in store favourites!
Check out what Sharp had to say about the designers from Naked & Famous,
WANT Les Essentiels, and Wing + Horns!


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God bless the blazing sun - but Fall collections are already
trickling in...and though we hope our tan lines progress for
weeks to come, here's a taste of what's now available in shop
at gravitypope Tailored Goods for Fall 2012!

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Wings + Horns Chino Restock

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Restocked and currently full up on the
'West Point Chino'. Large quantities of Black
& a few fillers of the Navy and Olive available.
Stop in and grab your size before they're
all gone...again.
$195 CAD

Wings + Horns

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Chambray Hoodie,
$395 CAD

S/S Plaid Button-up,
$170 CAD

Plaid Shorts,
$185 CAD

Gingham Collar Polo,
$120 CAD

Oxford Pique Cardigan
$145 CAD

Wings + Horns

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S/S Oxford Button-up,
$160 CAD

Chambray Short,
$155 CAD

Thermal Henley,
$120 CAD

Thermal Crewneck,
$105 CAD

Jersey Crewneck,
$65 CAD

Also available but not pictured:
Charcoal Terry Hoodie, $185 CAD
Navy/White Plaid Button-up $170 CAD

photos courtesy of wings + horns

Wings + Horns

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Nice little shipment from Wings + Horns SS10
just hit the floor.

Waterproof Chambray Parka,
$660 CAD

Ventile Field Mac Coat,
$540 CAD

Recycled Fleece Sport Jacket,
$390 CAD

photos courtesy of wings + horns

Wings + Horns

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Oxford Button-up,
$175 CAD

Tiger Terry Coat,
$270 CAD

Full Zip Terry Hoodie,
$185 CAD

Gingam Full Zip Hoodie,
$380 CAD

S/S Jersey Crew neck,
$65 CAD

West Point Chino,
$195 CAD

Also available:
Chambray Tie, $100
Oxford Tie, $100

Wings + Horns Service Boot restock

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A nice little shipment arrived late last week of the Wings + Horns Service boot.
Sizes 8-13 available in brown & black, $695 CAD. Get at us for these goods while sizes are stocked up!

Wings + Horns Service Boot

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SIZES 8-12.

New from Wings + Horns

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Leather Service Boot, $675 CAD

Melton Wool Award Jacket, $625 CAD

Diamond Knit Cardigan, $155 CAD

Melton Wool Mk2 Field Jacket, $595 CAD

Over dyed Flannel Shirt, $185 CAD

Chambray Shirt, $250 CAD

All you see here and more, now available in store and online
...while quantities last.

View more of our Wings + Horns stock online here.

New Wings + Horns FW09

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Merino Wool B/D Shirt, $430 CAD

Heavy Fleece Full Zip Cardigan, $185 CAD

Long Sleeve Jersey Crewneck, $75 CAD

Long Sleve Thermal Crewneck, $100 CAD

Box Rib Vest, $130 CAD

Jersey Scarf, $50 CAD

Chino, $210 CAD

This here is the first of our much anticipated Wings + Horns Fall/Winter 09 order. Pieces available instore and online now. Come and get 'em!

wings + horns service boot in brown leather

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VERY limited run of the brown leather service boot from Canadian designers wings + horns. Available online and in store. If you guys have been waiting for this one, you best hurry!

leather service boot in brown leather wi-7022-brn $650 CAD

Just hit the floor - Wings + Horns Brown Leather Service Boot!

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Oiled, and ever so slightly distressed by hand. This is the newest available of the 'Service Boot' brought to us by the highly respected and in-demand work of Canadian label Wings + Horns in collaboration with Dayton Boots.

Leather Service Boot, $650 CAD

Limited sizes available now online and in-store. Sweets like these don't stick around very long! Be sure to get on it if you want to get in 'em!

To view more available Wings + Horns footware online click here.
(Wings + Horns blanket also available for $150 CAD)

Yes! We have Wings + Horns!

Posted May 11, 2009 by Bianca Kristensen in wings + horns

Wings + Horns Organic Crew Graphic Tee, $80 CAD

Wings + Horns Pinpoint Cotton, $170 CAD

Wings + Horns Tiger Terry Zip, $165 CAD

Wings + Horns Diagonal Terry Zip-Up Hoodie, $180 CAD

Wings + Horns Wool Pant, $300

Wings + Horns Organic Terry Robe, $200

Yup, you guessed it - these styles, and more available on line and in store!

wings + horns - spring 2009

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The greatly anticipated delivery of Wings+Horns arrived including a full re-order of the highly sought leather service boot in matte for the spring season. Wings + Horns footwear is clean with a twist and classic in silhouette. Not meant to steal to the show, but guaranteed to make you stand out.

leather service boot wi-7022 $650 CAD

perforated leather hi top wi-7026-wht $350 CAD

grey leather hi top wi-7013-gry $350 CAD

grey perforated leather trainer wi-7029-gry $325 CAD

Must-Have Item: wings + horns Leather Boots

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Designed and manufactured out of Vancouver, B.C. by CYC Design Corporation (who produces heavy weight knits for mega-brands Supreme, Alife and aNYthing), their in-house line wings + horns has heralded quite the following, a highly sought-after buzz brand on many a fashion forum/style blog. Exclusive to the Gravity Pope Tailored Goods clothing stores in Edmonton and Vancouver, these leather service boots are produced by Vancouver's own Dayton Boots for wings + horns. First soaked then wrapped in a ball, the boots are allowed to dry in the rolled position, a neat treatment that allows each pair to break-in uniquely. The craftsmanship and quality of the footwear is without question: these boots could last a lifetime (or close to one at the very least).

wings + horns Leather Service Boots, $595 CAD

We don't expect the size-run for these to last for very long so be sure to contact us right away if you're interested!