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Mr. Hare

Paul Smith

Mr. Hare, Fall/Winter 2010: brought to you exclusively by your friends at Gravitypope

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I can't think of the last time that we were this excited to carry a brand, and I'm certainly not exaggerating. Season after season our staff has been pestering Gravity Pope's buyers to pick up Marc Hare's eponymous line, and now our wishes have finally been granted. For all you sartorial-minded individuals, if you don't know about Mr. Hare and the "shoes you can attach some romance to", then you can enlighten yourselves now. This wholly independent line is now being carried by our wholly independent boutiques, an exclusive to the North American continent!

This season's collection, entitled Miss Your Air, is inspired by the city of Paris. In the words of Mr. Hare, "Paris had an air and it was graceful." Handmade in Tuscany by master Italian craftsmen on Mr.Hare's exclusive British lasts, the materials are only of the finest.  Here are a few tidbits about the styles available at Gravitypope, grabbed from Autumn / Winter 2010's look book:

Mr. Hare, "HUXLEY high shineâ€(mens), $695.00 CAD (Available in Black only.)
The Huxley is cut from a single piece of leather with a single stitch down the back, with a brogue detailing inspired by the hare (not rabbit) of Donnie Darko fame.

Mr. Hare, “MILLER scotch grain/high shineâ€(mens), $695.00 CAD (Available in Brown and Black.)

Mr. Hare, “WOLFE GALOSH leather/suede oxfordâ€(mens), $675.00 CAD (Available in Black only.)
My personal favorite, the Wolfe Galosh is classiness personified. I could dance from dawn 'til dusk in these. Do the tightrope, even?

Okay, so maybe they aren't wearing Mr. Hare, but I'm sure Janelle Monae would if given the chance!

Mr. Hare spring 2010

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Gentlemen, we have very important footwear news - gravitypope is proud to add Mr. Hare to our list of brands. We have been drooling over these impeccably designed men's shoes since the AW09 collection launched and the SS10 collection 'Hot Steppers' confirmed this is a brand we MUST have.

Mr. Hare, the person, had an impressive career in PR, as a design consultant with Karrimore, was a marketing consultant for a long list of footwear and sport brands plus he opened 2 successful shops in London before starting Mr. Hare the brand - a brand that took 360 days from conception to fruition after a visit to a roadside tapas bar in Spain. Mr. Hare designs his shoes wherever he chooses. Currently handmade in Empoli (Tuscany, Italy), Mr. Hare will be made wherever the greatest manufacturer best suited to the task at hand is located.

For SS10 'Hot Steppers' is a dedication to a selection of Dancehall generals who through their sheer brilliance have given us reason to tear up the dance floors across all continents. Above the thrill of music that moves your physical and emotional state, there is only love in Mr. Hares humble opinion. For SS10, the major emphasis is on the materials. Mr. Hare wanted to create something with the presence of the AW09 'Purest Form' Collection, but with a much greater depth of character. The heart of the collection is made of Vachetta, a vegetable tanned leather that isn't produced in such an environmentally damaging way and the leather retains more of it's natural characteristics. These shoes must be polished regularly with natural bees wax polish and in return they will age and grow with you forming a unique patina and colouring that is distinct and unique. The more love you give them; the more reason they will give you to love them back.

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