Our new shipment of Natalia Brilli definitely hits the spot. It goes without saying that leather is a heavy hitter for this season, and what better way to play with your fall look than to toss things up with some NB accessories. From leather covered coyote skulls to wishbone necklaces, these pieces would not only be a great addition to your personal wardrobe, but also considerable gifts for the upcoming holiday season. I could blabber on, but these pieces need no words of encouragement...

Leather Covered Coyote Skull, $1595 CAD

Keffiyeh Leather Scarf, $895 CAD

Damned Multi Strand Leather Necklace, $850

Jay Bird Leather Brooch, $275 CAD

Jay Bird Skull Brooch, $250 CAD

Jayne Bird Skull Pendant Necklace, $325 CAD

Wishbone Pendant Leather Necklace, $225 CAD

Gourmette Leather Wrapped Bracelet, $295 CAD

Small Stitched Wrist Band, $135 CAD

Large Sliced Wristband, $225 CAD

Bone Cuff Bracelet, $295 CAD

Blink Contact Lens Leather Zip Case, $250 CAD

Limited supply! Come check it out or inquire online!

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