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Basia Wyszynski - Dr. Martens Community Series


Toronto based stylist/actress Basia Wyszynski shows us her favourite pair of Dr. Martens and takes some time to fill us in on what she’s been up to. From travelling the globe and creative directing, to practicing kundalini yoga and watching Luca Guadagnino films (alongside styling and acting) it’s safe to say she’s been busy!

Where are you currently living? And if you could relocate anywhere, where would it be?

My home base is Toronto but if I were to relocate, it would probably be LA. I’d also love to live in Paris again. I lived there a couple of years ago and have an EU passport. I look forward to eventually moving back.

How did you get your start as a stylist? What have been some of your favourite projects.

I was a child model and my dad was a photographer so I grew up spending a lot of time in his photo studio. I was too short to model so eventually transitioned to styling. My favourite projects are working on big campaigns. I like travelling for work a lot. I am also the in-house stylist for my friend’s brand Kathryn Bowen. I help her with creative direction a lot so it’s super satisfying to see her collections come into fruition.

Where do you find inspiration?

I love my friends I think everyone close to me is beautiful and constantly working so hard so it pushes me to be my full self and want to make things. Life is so wonderful and rich it’s hard not to be constantly inspired.

You’ve recently been involved with a few films, can you tell us about the projects, your role and when we can expect to see them release?

I started acting again as an adult in 2018. I was trained to be on camera as a child and when my friends made a movie recently, I auditioned just for fun and got a role. It was euphoric for me to be experiencing acting/being an artist in that way again and I realized I had something I wanted to pursue outside of styling. Something different to make myself happy :)

Besides film and styling, what have been some of your hobbies or creative outlets during the last year and a half?

I do kundalini yoga and have just been trying to cook really healthy at home. I’ve also been travelling a lot since the pandemic and just trying to simplify things by spending time with my family and meditating.

What TV or movies have you been enjoying lately?

I really liked the tv show “We Are Who We Are” directed by Luca Guadagnino. He is my favourite director. I Am Love is my favourite movie by the same director. 

What pair of Dr. Martens are you wearing and why did you pick this pair?  

I love the Dr. Marten’s 8053 PLATFORM shoe, such a perfect elevation of the original style. The platform is great and gives me confidence being taller than normal and they are cute for fall.  

Do you have any upcoming projects or shout outs to share?

I worked on a new feature film called Verona directed by my amazing close friend Sebastian Back. I did the costume design for and acted in. I played a lesbian minister. It should come out in the spring so I’m super excited for that it’s going to be crazy good.



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