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Blundstone Series | Matthew Magtoto

What style of Blundstones do you have on today? 

The ones that I have on are the classic Originals 510 in the black colourway - my favourite pair.

What are your favorite pieces of clothing to style your Blundstones with?

Any wide-legged or straight fit trousers! Ranging from wide-legged denim or to the pair of trousers I have on today. I think those types of trousers look so chic with any Blundstones boots. I also love styling them with a fisherman beanie just to add an element of warmth and coziness.

What are some of your favourite things to do in Calgary?

Eat, eat, and, something a little controversial, riding around in those e-scooters.
Calgary’s food scene is so diverse, it is almost impossible to try every restaurant. Trust me, after living in Calgary all my life, I am still on the mission to try it all. On top of that, what better way to travel to these restaurants than to use an e-scooter! They are so convenient and accessible since Calgary’s downtown traffic can be very congested. Also, wearing Blundstones while using an e-scooter? Ooh - So hot!

Describe your style in five words

It would definitely be: Limitless, Gender-Neutral, Juxtapose. Uncomfortable? Yes.

What designers/brands inspire you?

Acne Studios, YMC, Casablanca and Spencer Badu have been killing the game for me this year! Completely in love with what they have been offering. I also love dabbling into the women’s section and I am in love with brands like forte_forte, and Marimekko.

What are you most looking forward to this winter?

Besides finally showing everyone my winter looks, I am definitely looking forward to the ski season! I am not much of a winter sports kind of guy, but I want to make my most effort to get to the slopes as many times I can this winter.

Lastly, What are some key pieces this season you've been coveting?

I have been coveting more chunky sweaters, more denim fits, and more footwear. Chunky sweaters because there are so many different variations out there now, and I want them all. Denim fits because after I did a wardrobe clean, I realized that I got rid of some of my favourite denim fits, and have been looking out for new ones to add to the wardrobe. Lastly, more footwear, because you can’t have too many shoes – oops.

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