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Blundstone Series | Nicole Bautista

What style of Blundstones do you have on today and how do they work into your wardrobe this season?

Today I'm wearing the Women's Series 1448 in Voltan Black. They work effortlessly into my fall/winter wardrobe with my go-to mom jeans and a cozy turtleneck. I also love how the broguing detail adds a dressiness to it. I’ll probably style it with a blazer and trousers next.

Do you have a morning ritual? If so, what does it consist of?

My morning ritual starts with sharing my Instagram post for the day. I usually prepare it the night before, so it doesn't take up too much of my time. Then I’ll make my bed and take a shower. If it’s a weekday I’ll make coffee in my french press (which was the first thing I bought to go into lockdown in March) and put together something quick to eat (like oatmeal) while I look over work emails. If it’s the weekend I’ll make a full breakfast (anything with eggs on top) and do a bit of journaling.


What are some of your favourite places in Toronto?

I am always exploring the city for new experiences, but I do have a few spots that I love to revisit. Rooster Coffee is my favourite cafe. They make the best London Fog and I always make sure to order the cookie with the brownie inside if it's available. Wish Restaurant is my go-to brunch spot. They have the cutest all-season patio, but it's tiny, so arrive early or make a reservation when possible. The waterfront is my favourite place to "escape" the city. I’ll find a bench to sit and relax or rent a bike and follow the waterfront trail. I don’t really have a favourite place to shop, but I always find myself discovering boutiques full of unique treasures in the Queen West area.

Are you working on any projects for the coming year?

I’m always working on something! In the coming year I’ll be helping a friend launch her online shop. My specialty is in social media management and content creation, but I also have several years of retail and merchandising experience, so I’ll be working on a bit of everything. I’m most excited for the photoshoots that we have planned. I’ve modelled in the past, so expect to see my face in every campaign. I also love to style and photo direct, so I’ll definitely be working behind the scenes as well. I love a fun project and will contribute my skills in any way that I can just to be a part of it. Stay tuned to my Instagram to see how this one turns out!


Can you tell us who or what has been inspiring you lately?

I’ve found that the people I surround myself with have a profound effect on my energy. Some people drain my energy, while other people energize me and give me life! Whether it’s close friends that are finding happiness, coworkers stepping up to larger roles, or the people I follow on Instagram taking creative risks - all of that positive energy from these everyday people living their everyday lives gives me inspiration to set goals, work hard, and live my own dreams.

Lastly, any good books, albums, tv series you've been into this year?

At the peak of social distancing I binged both seasons of Big Little Lies over a single weekend. Look up the cast and that is all the convincing you will need to start watching it. I haven’t read much this year and have been writing more instead. If you’re looking for a good read, your past journals are the most interesting things you will ever read! If I could recommend an album, my favourite girl band Haim released one this summer called Women In Music Pt. III and it’s been setting the vibe for most of my days ever since.

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