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Earth Day | Buy Less, Buy Smart

This Earth Day, April 22,  2% of our sales will be donated to 

Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970 and this year we would like to proudly shine the spotlight on a selection of our eco-friendly brands. These brands practice ethical manufacturing processes, responsible production methods that minimize environmental impact, encourage sustainability, and invest in international renewable energy projects. So you can purchase with peace of mind!  


Coclico uses sustainable practices in every collection. At their NYC headquarters they work to underpin the design process for comfortable yet beautiful and unique footwear. Their materials are sourced locally in Europe, near a small, family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. They seek the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility.

Filippa K

Filippa K was founded by Filippa Knutsson in 1993 as a solution to the stress of dressing. The brand’s mission is driving a movement of mindful consumption: slowing down the fast fashion industry and encouraging a more permanent perspective through innovative solutions and open collaboration.


Natural and organic skincare made on the west coast of Sweden with a simple philosophy: innovation driven by nature, not chemicals. Founded by Monica Kylén and Mats Johansson in 2008 the company is located in the well known spa town Varberg. The brand is inspired by the heritage and respect of the healing powers of the coats; the salt, seaweed and water as a priority.


Bosabo is committed to sustainable development by ensuring a new tree is planted for each one cut down during production. To reduce transport impacts on energy, they only work with local tanniers and local craftmentship. Majority of the leathers are vegetable-dyed solvent-free water-based impregnation dyes which are chrome free.


Based in Denmark and France, Baserange is a line of sustainable under and easy wear. The collection favors a philosophy of creating clean, easy and accessible garments that exist somewhere between modern culture and the natural world.
The focus is on working with high quality, organic fabrics in innovative ways that benefits both producer and consumer while minimizing environmental impact.


Veja focuses on creating sneakers with organic and Fairtrade cotton, Amazonian rubber, ecological leather and innovative materials including recycled plastic bottles. While Veja is a French company, all Veja sneakers are made in a high standard factory in Brazil.


Binu Binu

Binu Binu uses 100% natural plant botanical ingredients and essential oils, including a base of "boricha". Made by hand in small batches using the cold process method which retains the skin benefiting properties of natural oils,  Binu Binu soaps are fragrance-free and do not contain palm oils, synthetic detergents, artificial colorants, parabens, sulfates, or animal products. 

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