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Father's Day Community Series

It's time to show some love to all the dads out there. This year we've caught up with four dad's in the gp community to ask them about their favorite things about being a parent and what they're looking forward to most this Father's Day. 



Shot at La Tana


What are you looking forward to this Father’s Day

I’m looking forward to the same thing I look forward to every Sunday- spending time with my family, going for a walk in the forest, firing up my Green Egg and enjoying a glass of wine. I try not to make plans on Sunday’s, it’s my day to relax and hang out at home. 

What are your favorite things to do with your family?

I just love being around my family so whatever activity we’re doing, I’m happy. We love to cook together, hang out in our backyard playing soccer, gardening. We live on the North Shore so we’re in the woods a lot or at the park. My youngest Gus loves to forage so we look for mushrooms or berries, it’s pretty amazing watching him learn about seasons and how food grows. 



Do you see any of your own traits in Gus or Adrien?

My boys are very different but I see myself in both of them. Adrien is super sweet and sensitive, and a bit more cautious. I was exactly that way as a child, I needed a lot of encouragement to try new things. My parents were great at supporting and encouraging me and I try to be that way with my kids.  Gus is the opposite, he’s fearless and scares the shit out of me every day. Definitely not my genes lol. But he loves to cook and figure out the way things work, I see myself in him in that aspect. Both boys are incredibly thoughtful and generous and I’d like to think they got some of that from me.


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What is the best part of being a parent?

All of the above and more. Watching your kids learn, change and grow into these amazing individuals. You try to do your best every day to teach them to be kind, empathetic, curious, resilient, compassionate; and then they do something to blow your mind. You realize all the hard decisions, compromise and sacrifices are working. It’s so worth it. 




 Shot at Bao Bei


What are your favourite things to do with Koda?

We go to the beach and for hikes every week. Whenever he is out in nature is when he is happiest; looking for worms, bugs or crabs, being close to the water and in the forest. Helps to keep me fit too. 

What are your favourite snacks to make Koda?

Koda loves fruit. So anything fresh and that keeps him entertained while eating it, like pomegranate seeds. We also make cocktails! He has his own little mini shaker and he loves shaking his own drinks.



Can you tell us a bit about your Ice company 'Kodama'? How did it start and what's the secret to perfect ice?

Kodama Ice Co started up at the beginning of this year. It came about as I was coming to the end of my bartending days and wanted something that would keep me in the community and provide a service to my peers in the industry. Having worked as a bartender for so long I knew ice is a very important tool and commodity and saw an opportunity in the market to provide this service. 


Like most things, patience is key to making great ice. It takes 3 days to freeze these large, clear slabs and then to break it down you need to be methodical and take your time otherwise it can leave imperfections which make it undesirable. 


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Do you remember any gifts you gave your Dad on Father's Day when you were a child?

I don't remember any gifts particularly that I gave my Dad. We would just try to hang out as a family and do something nice together. That for my Dad was always what he would want most, to have his whole family around him. 

Do you see any of your own traits in Koda?

Koda definitely has my ability to get absorbed into whatever task he has at hand. His Grandma always comments that he has a great attention span and will work on something for ages until he gets it right. 




Shot at Andrew's Studio


What are your favorite things to do with your child?

Definitely spending the day on the mountain skiing/ snowboarding.



Do you see any of your own traits in August? 

He is so much funnier than me, but we share a love for being outside.

What is the best part of being a parent?

Constantly being amazed.


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Do you dress August? Describe his personal style.

Completely his own style, if it was up to me there would be less sport pants.

Can you share one of August's best one liners?

What did the zero say to the eight?  A: Nice belt!





Shot at Rexford The Barbershop


What are you looking forward to this Father's Day?

Looking for the end of my workday so I can spend the rest of the day with my girls. Hopefully in the sun.
I am also hoping to sleep in and awaken to a fancy breakfast in bed. Lol.

What is the best part about being a parent?

Seeing all the little things Tate has picked up from my wife and I, and seeing them reiterated back the way a nine year old would express it. Scary to know they absorb all we do, but so innocent and adorable.


What surprised you the most about being a dad?

How much energy you still really have when you’re exhausted. Its an added responsibility having a child, but def worth it.

How do you find balance with your Barbershop and family life?

Pre Covid the family was always around the shop, it’s a mom and pop. And we’re the mom and pop.
But that’s the beauty of owning a business, you can manage your own time and maximize everything that’s important to you. So I see them lots!


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Tell us something you love doing with your Dad. 

I love baking Swedish pancakes and pandesal.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

I’m look forward to the sunny days & being outside all the time. Going to the beach & swimming in the ocean.

How do you describe your personal style?

Plain but unique!



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