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Forte_Forte is designed and produced in Italy by Giada and Paolo Forte, two siblings living in harmony and providing their own unique input into the brand: Giada, the heart and soul of the brand, graduated from Knitwear Design at Nottingham Trent University, England; then worked as a Fashion Designer in Paris and Italy. Paolo is the mind and core of the company; after studying Economics, he worked at his family’s knitwear business, collaborating with luxury brands. Later he  expanded his professional experience in London and New York.

After years of training and experience in Italy and abroad, Paolo and Giada felt the need to combine their talents and create a special and unique collection, reflecting traits in their own personalities: purity, essentiality, sincerity and emotion. In their family's house back in Veneto, located in a traditional “savoir-faire” area of the fashion district, they combined craft and industry. This is how, in 2002, Forte_Forte was born: a collection of timeless pieces, feminine and delicate, produced with the finest Italian fabrics and enriched with special finishes along with precious hand-made details. Every collection represents a fascinating story, evolving along the years a sentimental expression of passion and emotion.


For 27 years gravitypope has been selling product designed by women with a strong identity and unique outlook on fashion. Today we interview Giada Forte of Forte_Forte.


What is your favourite fabric to work with?

Well, many of them. I am very much a "texture" person. all my inspiration starts from the feeling of creating and playing with materials, I am fascinated by it.
I imagine it's my knitwear background. I love natural fabrics; I like mixing "raw" with "refined", combining the pureness of cotton voiles and silk with the truthfulness of wools, structured linens and cashmere.

If you could dress an actress or female historical figure, who would you pick?
The Venere of Botticelli :-)
Is there a particular woman in your life that has inspired you the most?
Certainly two of them - my grandmother Fiorina, indisputably born modern. She transmitted to me the strength to believe in dreams and always smile at life; and my mother Pina, unique and creative in choosing her wardrobe. She always used to wear charming vintage 40's dresses.

Describe your everyday style.
"Style" is a term that doesn't really appeal to me, it has to do with a fashion attitude that doesn't represent me. I like temporal pieces, those that can inspire emotions once you wear them. Pieces that don't force shapes but free the spirit, that don't show but revel.

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