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Good Boy Studio - Birkenstock Community Series

Can you tell us a little bit about your practice, what are you currently working on?

Good Boy Studio is a small side project that I’ve been doing for a few years. Most of the products are made in very small batches and have a bit of my own hand in them. Such as hand dyed or hand picked vintage items. 

What drew you to graphic design? 

Probably seeing skateboard graphics as a kid. I always thought the imagery was so cool. I still do.

What are you currently feeling inspired by? Any specific artists, musicians or designers? 

I’ve been inspired my my friends a lot lately. I’ve been hanging out with some tattoo artists and it’s cool to see how they approach projects. I’ve been trying to take their techniques with colour and shading and applying it to my own style of drawing.

Can you tell us about Good Boy Studio and how that came to be? 

It was kind of an accident, I started drawing the logo as a “tag” around my regular stomping grounds. Somebody asked me to put it on a shirt so I made 9 shirts and they all sold. So then I just kept making more stuff. 

What are your future goals for Good Boy Studio? 

I don’t have a definitive plan with it. Just keep making things when I have time and if it’s still fun to me. I’ve been collecting some vintage band/tour shirts from thrift stores that I’m going to screen print over top of the graphics. I have some pretty funny ones. And hopefully a few other goodies for summer.

What would be a dream collaboration for you?

Something for a good cause would be cool. Maybe an animal adoption centre or something like that. I’d like to get other creatives to design things as well.


What are some of your other interests outside of graphic design? Did you take up any new hobbies over the past year? 

I like biking, thrifting, collecting records, going for walks, painting, drawing. I haven’t picked up any new hobbies... but I feel like it is time to try something new.  

What Birkenstocks are you wearing and why did you choose this pair?

I am wearing the Boston’s in grey leather. 

I’ve had a pair of Boston’s before and I think they look really cool with a pair of funky socks. I think the grey will age nicely and will look cool scuffed up. 

Any shout-outs?

Shout out to all my friends, everyone who has supported me. Megan for printing my shirts, and Austin for inviting me to be part of the project.


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