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Introducing — Colorful Standard

Copenhagen based Colorful Standard's mission is straightforward and sincere, "All the best."
Their garments are produced using only the finest, high quality 100% organic cotton. Fabricated in Portugal under the European guidelines for best practice production and work environment. Their values are exemplified with a commitment to donating 5% of their proceeds to charity. Colorful Standard is a company you can not only feel good wearing, but also supporting.
 Their colour palette is a distinctive factor in their design. An immense level of care and attention has been placed on the garment dyeing process to ensure every shade and glow is in line with their intention of producing lively feeling and powerful fabrics.
Honesty and transparency are at their forefront of their manufacturing ideology. Colorful Standard takes pride in the work environment of their factories, so much so, they extend an open invitation to visit it anytime.
Providing a pre-washed, perfect fitting garment in 100% organic premium cotton make this brand a perfect choice for a conscious consumer.
Discover Colorful Standard now—in-store and online
Classic T-Shirt - $45 
Classic Hoody - $110
Classic Sweater - $95

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