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Nicholas Krgovich - Dr. Martens Community Series


We accompanied Vancouver based musician Nicholas Krgovich for a trip to the dog park with his adorable new poodle, Shelly. We had the chance to ask him about his recent music projects, the joys of becoming a dog owner, his favourite holiday jams, and the memories of his first pair of Dr. Martens from 5th grade.

You have a very cute new pup Shelly, how did you two meet?

Ah! I came home one night last summer and noticed four puppies across the street at the park in a little pen. I wandered over and found out from the owner that the puppies needed homes and even though I was not in the market for a dog the next day I ended up helping clean his house in exchange for this 12-week-old moyen poodle. I asked “which one is the meekest and mildest of the bunch?” and the breeder instantly pointed to Shel. Considering COVID and how everyone was clamouring for pets it felt very 1952 to get a new best friend in this way. I’m totally in love with him and it feels like the best thing that’s happened to me in memory.


What are some of your favourite things to do with Shelly?

He’s full on Garfield in the morning, he jumps out of bed and goes straight into his crate which my friend Kim has dubbed “Shel Station” - he doesn’t even want to go out to do his business or anything. He can hold it way longer than I can. Eventually we make it outside and I guess my favourite thing to do with him is just watch him play with other dogs and say hi to people in the neighbourhood. He’s so curious about everything. I love just like watching him watch a crow for five minutes.

Do you have any new music in the works?

Not really! I haven’t written anything in a couple years. My friend Angel who does Vedic astrology did my chart and said I will create my life’s work in my 70s so now I’m kind of like “what’s the rush?”. Although, I was in Toronto the other week recording with Shabason, Krgovich & Harris which is a very collaborative project and I was coming up with some words and doing some singing for that. Lots of songs about the dog and spacing out in the kitchen. 

Can you tell us the history of your group Shabason, Krgovich & Harris? How did you all come together?

I’ve known Chris Harris since I was a teenager and we’ve made music together off and on for 4000 years. He actually worked at gravitypope at some point too! And then he and Joseph were playing in the band Destroyer together and Dan from Destroyer sent me Joseph’s music being like “I think you might like this” and I did and we became fast friends. Now we all have a music project together - and our name sounds like we’re a law firm.


Outside of making music, what are some of your other creative outlets or hobbies?

Good question! I’m curious and interested in all sorts of things but I don’t really go headlong into very much hobby-wise. I’m the last person that’s gonna take apart a watch and try fix it or try make their own kombucha or something. I like doing menial chores around the house. I like folding laundry and organizing stuff and moving furniture around. I think I could be an ok interior decorator if the person had the exact taste I had. I like looking at a space and figuring out what you could do with it. I think I got that from my mom.

Do you have any recommendations for music/movies to enjoy this holiday season?

I went to Séance Centre for the first time recently and on my way in I said to myself “I’ll probably just buy whatever they’re playing in the store” and I did! It’s by this artist Germán Bringas from Mexico City and it hasn’t left the turntable - I can’t recommend it enough. I don’t think I’m that great at describing music so I just suggest giving it a whirl! Also, Shelly and I listen to Glenn Gould’s first recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations  constantly. I can’t believe a human wrote that music and a human performed it - it makes no sense to me. And for holiday movies, last year I finally saw Black Christmas! I think I watched it three nights in a row. Incredible atmosphere and performances. And I find it legitimately scary.

What is one memorable holiday gift you’ve received, either as a child or more recently?

Weirdly the first thing that popped into my head was when I was 10 years old I got a mountain bike from my Noni and Papa - they made me close my eyes and wheeled it into the living room and there was a big reveal. BUT they staged it next to this life-sized standing cardboard cut out of Jack Nicholson as The Joker who I was obsessed with at the time! I remember having to filter my excitement to make sure they thought it was over the bike when it was really over this psychotic piece of cardboard with an old man in a purple suit with green hair printed on it.

What pair of Dr. Martens are you wearing and why did you pick this pair?

These are the Made in England black oxfords (Vintage 1461 MIE). I remember getting a pair of 10 hole Dr. Martens boots with teal and purple and black laces in the early/mid 90s. Maybe 5th grade? I was into everything grunge at the time but I was a small child cosplaying as a character in “Singles” which is such a funny vibe. A lot of my classmates had the oxfords but I had the boots, which felt inherently more extreme and committed. I guess I chose the oxford’s now cause they’re so classic and status quo and I don’t know if I have it in me to do up all those laces especially since I’m always in and out of the house with Shel.

Do you have any shout outs or last words?

Just that this was fun and thanks for having me be a part of this thing!



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