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Nudie Jeans Summer 2019 Editorial


The Swedish denim label, Nudie Jeans Co. has been a prominent member of the raw denim scene since launching in 2001. Their long-term eco-friendly goal was brought to fruition in 2012 when the brand delivered the first denim collection made with 100% organic cotton, setting a new standard for the denim Industry. A majority of Nudie Jeans are unisex, covering the full denim spectrum from tight to wide, dry to washed, the company is also extremely aware of their social accountability, committed to standards of sustainability with a value for human rights. At the forefront of their Nudie Philosophy lies a passion for denim, the drive to discover "the naked truth about denim".


Nudie Jeans Ronnie Cord Jacket, Reigning Champ S/S T-Shirt, Sun Buddies  Zinedine sunglasses, Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie II, Novesta Star Master


Nudie Jeans Ronnie Cord Jacket, Reigning Champ S/S T-Shirt, Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie II, Novesta Star Master 


Nudie Jeans Arvid West Coast Remix, Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie II, Common Projects Achillies Low


 Nudie Jeans Tommy Broken Twill Jacket, Nudie Jeans Leans Dean, Filippa K Single Jersey Tee

Nudie Jeans Tommy Broken Twill Jacket, Nudie Jeans Henry Batiste Garment Dye Shirt, Nudie Jeans Skinny Lin





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