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Quartz Co. Feature

Quartz Co. Made in Canada. Designed for the northern life.
Since 1997, Quartz Co. has been recognized for the quality of 
its premium outerwear.
Perfectly designed for cold weather, the jackets are lightweight yet offer exceptional warmth
and have proven their value in extreme conditions around the globe. Handcrafted in Quebec,
Quartz Co. utilizes expertise and sustainable practices, to truly embrace the northern lifestyle.

Quartz Co is designed with the planet in mind with a commitment to becoming a more sustainable business. 
They incorporate eco-friendly practices in all aspects of the company—from the products to the daily operations. 
The label has recently expanded their production from one factory (in Saint-Hyacinthe) to three
(one in Victoriaville and another in Montreal) in Quebec, allowing them to continue to offer high-quality
products that are made entirely in Canada. With the new factories, they can increase production
as well as productivity and ensure that everything meets their sustainability standards.
Working closely with their factories, they continue to grow and develop sustainable practices.

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