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Valentine's Edition | Real Love — Anita + Ryan


Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Occupation: Jewelry designer


Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Occupation: Social Worker/Musician


Together for 8 years


How did you two meet?

A mutual friend hooked us up.

 What are you favourite things to do together?

We like to drink beer and cook together. We have been watching “The Best of Triumph the Comic Insult Dog” on DVD lately. After work we like to smoke a joint and watch “Kids in the Hall” or trying to completely finish 90’s TV series. We also really like anything to do with Todd Rundgren.

What are your favourite things about each other?

Ryan - Her looks. The way she takes care of me.

Anita - His looks and his dance moves.

Do you ever match clothing on purpose or by accident?

Yes, both actually. We often match complete outfits or just wear the same colour.

What are your plans for Valentines Day?

Anita - I’m teaching a Valentines themed couples wax ring carving jewelry workshop that night, which will be fun! But, we will probably get a nice meal afterwards.


Anita's Valentines Day Picks 



Ryan's Valentines Day Picks



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