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Vans Community Series - May Ann Villanueva


This spring we’ve teamed up with Vans to highlight their new Anaheim Factory Collection and introduce you to a diverse group of artists, small businesses, and creatives from across Canada, making a positive impact on their community.

Vancouver based creative, May Ann Villanueva recently welcomed us into her ceramic workshop @studiofundamentals where she shared a few wheel throwing techniques, gave us some insight on building a strong creative community, and tells us her exciting future plans for the space.

Hi May Ann, thanks for having us!
Could you give us a quick intro on Studio Fundamentals and how it came to be?

Studio Fundamentals is a creative space that is currently focused on ceramic production/workshops that promote community building. Studio Fundamentals started in 2016 as a way for me to showcase my design projects and process of making through Instagram, and slowly transitioned into the name of my ceramic studio. Fundamentals is based on the idea that everything has a foundation, a core, in which ideas, values, ethics, objects, and community are rooted on.

There are a few different branches of the Studio Fundamentals community developing alongside the ceramic studio, what are some of the other initiatives or collectives the space hosts and how do you all correlate?

I am also the Creative Director for August Studios that offers creative workshops that emphasize on design thinking and community building through the process of making. Studio Fundamentals' and August Studios' share the same ethos.

"I don't believe that true success is achieved through competing but through community building. So far, so good."


Do you come from a creative background? How did your family and the place that you come from shape you?

I have a background on communication design and is constantly put into practice in all areas that I do for both studios — surface or system design. I'm from the Philippines and where I grew up, we have a strong sense of community. Our neighbors are our extended family, we look out for one another. I apply the same to how I engage with my team, students, and collaborators. I don't believe that true success is achieved through competing but through community building. So far, so good.

Where would you like to see the studio in the next 5 years?

My current sky-high goal is to be able to team up with VSB's art department and other creatives in providing a hub for design/art education for kids from low-income households in the Downtown East Side.

What pair of Vans are you currently wearing the most and what do you like about them?

Currently, Anaheim Factory Classic Slip-Ons. They are comfortable and sleek, such classic style.

Where can people learn more about Studio Fundamental and sign up for a class?

The wonderful world wide web at

Any initiatives, artists, or friends you would like to give a shout out to?

Hee Jun Ahn @heejeejee
Streat Dreams Magazine @streetdreamsmag
Sean Blishen @Kiligcandleco
Jackson Heseltine @snack365

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