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Vans Community Series - Tyler Cassidy


This spring we’ve teamed up with Vans to highlight their new Anaheim Factory Collection and introduce you to a diverse group of artists, small businesses, and creatives from across Canada, making a positive impact on their community.

Over the last 3 years Tyler Cassidy has evolved his extraordinary vintage/modern furniture collection from an Instagram page to a new store front in Vancouver’s Chinatown. We recently stopped by his shop to check out his favourite pieces and ask him about his inspirations, personal furniture “grails” and hear about the exciting future ambitions for his business.

Hi Tyler, thanks for having us! For those who are just hearing about Visitor Goods, can you give a quick breakdown of what you do?

No problem! We love having visitors. Visitor Goods is a vintage modern furniture store in Vancouvers Chinatown. We sell 20th century furniture and unique objects for the home. We started as an instagram page 3 years ago, and in October 2020 we were able to open a brick and mortar store in Vancouver.

How did the concept for Visitor Goods come about, how has it evolved and are there any other shops or resellers you take inspiration from?

Visitor goods Originally started from my own addiction to collecting pieces. Eventually my tiny apartment couldn't handle it, so Visitor Goods began as a way to clean out my space and buy more pieces for my personal collection. It was a great way to move some pieces and collect some more. I never had the intention of this becoming a business. I just loved hunting for unique pieces. But as it grew and became bigger it eventually went from a side hustle to a fulltime job. Visitor Goods has always been in evolution, because it is the realest interpretation of my mind, and my personal taste. I try not to think to much, I just try and trust my eye and my instinct. So as I change and my tastes change so does Visitor Goods.

There are so many great shops and resellers popping up daily all over Canada and the world. instagram has really made this evident. it's easier than ever to see beautiful, unique and rare furniture. There are alot of people with amazing pieces but at the end of the day my inspiration truly is from pieces themselves.

You have a very distinct eye for the items you have in your store, what is your selection process, and do you have any specific criteria for picking your pieces?

My selection process is pretty simple. If I like it, I buy it. When I see something I like it's as if a switch in my brain goes off. I'm intrigued by a piece and then I have to have it. I need to know its history, its origin, its life story. There are days where I am definitely looking for specific pieces, but most days I just hunt until I see something I like, something that speaks to me. then I drag it back to the store. (dont worry, we don't actually drag any of our pieces) I've been lucky that people vibe with what i like, so if i can keep curating pieces that make me happy and in turn make others happy.

"I'm still discovering new designers daily, and that's a lot of the fun of this business. You're always learning, always discovering."

Who are some of your favourite furniture/industrial designers? Do you have any “grail” pieces that you’ve either found or are still on the hunt for?

I have a pretty eclectic taste, so the list is pretty big, but a few would be Alvar Aalto, Gerrit Rietveld, Mario Bellini, Etorre Sottsass, Gaetano Pesce. Just to name a few. I'm still discovering new designers daily, and that's a lot of the fun of this business. you're always learning ,always discovering. It's an endless education if you want it to be. When i first opened the store in october i had a De Sede "snake" DS-600. it was pretty amazing, and more amazing to find locally. I would love an early 1930s Paimio chair by Alvar Aalto. Lately I've been searching for an Anfibio Transformable Sofa by A. Becchi for Giovannetti Collezioni for my personal collection.

Where do you see Visitor Goods in the next 5 years? Any exciting plans for the shop coming soon?

I think it the next five years visitor goods will be a staple in vancouvers design community, having a much larger storefront (more space, means more pieces) I want to be able to offer the largest assortment of 20th century design pieces in western canada. I also foresee some in house designed pieces that take inspiration from the 20th century. With the current climate and ever changing landscape of the current Covid-19 situation we are just happy to be open, so nothing coming soon, but we cant wait to have a super overdue opening party, if we ever get there again.

What pair of Vans are you currently wearing and what do you like about them?

I'm wearing the ANAHEIM FACTORY STYLE 73 DX. I've been wearing vans for as long as I remember, and this feels like a nod to the vans of the 90s. I'm a huge fan of a clean black and white shoe, and this is that, clean lines, old skool logo on the tongue, a great shoe to pair with a good pair of carhartts.

Any last words, shout outs or things you would like to promote?

Just a big thank you for hanging out, thanks to all those that have supported Visitor Goods thus far. And if you're looking for unique 20th century goods come check us out Friday-Sundays in store or 24/7 on instagram.

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