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Women's History Month | Featuring Ming Yu Wang

Women Making Fashion History

Ming Yu Wang is a New York based jewelry brand founded in 2013 by Jennifer Wang. After studying Fashion Design at FIT and starting a career in apparel, she transitioned her focus into jewelry and applied the same strong design aesthetics that inspired her. The brand was made for the person who appreciates unique combinations of natural stones and precious metals in a finely constructed statement piece.
In honour of Women's History Month, we are featuring some of the talented female designers carried at gravitypope. For 26 years gravitypope has been selling product designed by women with a strong identity and unique outlook on fashion. Today we interview Ming Yu Wang's founder and designer Jennifer Wang.

What was the inspiration for your Spring 17 collection?

Spring Summer 17 builds on our layering and stackable themes and introduces new pieces that open up different wearing combinations with other pieces.

If you weren't designing jewelry, what would you be doing?

I feel like Industrial Design is where I would focus my inspiration into. I really love creating tangible objects and designs with a functional purpose.

Is there a particular woman in your life that has inspired you the most?

My mother. We were immigrants who moved to Canada in the early 90's. She raised my brother and I, while my dad worked overseas. She did everything selflessly to give us a good life. She's a bigger inspiration to me now more than ever.
What is your favourite movie?

Sofia Coppola's 'Somewhere' always stays in my mind. I love female Directors that are not really going by other’s guidelines except for their own. I feel like she's taken her own interests and perfected them into a beautiful art form. Somewhere has the perfect vibe and feeling like most of her other films.
What material do you like to work with?

I like pink wax because it's soft and easy to manipulate. I can also draft a rough sample with it faster.

Favourite colour?

Burgundy. It's my latest go-to colour for ready to wear so I'm working it into my next collection.
If you could dress an actress or female historical figure, who would you pick?

Michelle Obama. She is everything.

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