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First developed in 1940 as a sportswear line for the famous English tennis player and Wimbledon champion, Fred Perry's clean and fresh aesthetic happened to be the perfect accompaniment to the fledgling Mod movement. Soon afterward, Fred Perry quickly became the first crossover brand from sportswear to streetwear as their classic shirt was appropriated into mainstream street fashion. As British fashion and music influenced the rest of the world, the Fred Perry shirt was noticed, adopted and worn in numerous countries around the globe.

Fred Perry has been a core style brand for British working class youth for the last 50 years. The badge of British sub-culture, the laurel branded product has been worn by mods, soul-boys, suede heads, casuals and Brit-poppers. By re-visiting these sub cultures and archive products, Fred Perry directly references UK based youth movements. Uniquely British, uniquely Fred Perry.

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