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Gloverall began its journey as M & F Morris Industrial Clothing Company, selling clothing and supplies for the construction market in postwar Britain. In 1951 they were approached by the British government for assistance disposing of their wartime stock of military duffel coats. Incorporating as Gloverall (a contraction of gloves and overalls), they began offering the coats along with other supplies.
The Duffel coat soon became wildly popular, and by 1954 the supply of surplus coats had been exhausted. Seeing that demand for the jackets remained high, company founder Harold Morris, along with his father, a master tailor, developed a Gloverall version of the duffel coat and began manufacturing them in a factory behind St Pauls Cathedral, London. Featuring a more structured fit, double faced lining, and the distinctive leather thongs and horn toggles, their update on the military classic would become the industry standard. Every subsequent duffel coat has been a copy of their original design.

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