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Stephane Kelian

Originally founded as a brand of men’s shoes in 1960, Stephane Kelian was launched in 1978 by Stephane Keloglanian and his two brothers. The brand experienced large success in the 1980’s and 1990’s and is highly regarded for its commitment to innovation. During this time, Stephane Kelian worked with renowned designers such as Issey Miyake, Claude Montana and Jean-Paul Gaultier. The brand acquired international success and is synonymous with quality and elegance.
Today, as head of Stephane Kelian’s artistic direction, Olivia Cognet injects a new life to the minimalist genius of the famous French shoemaker. Talented and passionate, she mixes technical savoir-faire with an expert eye on fashion. The new Stephane Kelian collection is above all a story of lines: curved lines, broken lines, contour lines, and intersecting lines that form a weaving, a trademark of the Kelian style.

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