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Tracey Neuls

Tracey Neuls is a Canadian designer. After moving to London to study at prestigious Cordwainer's College, Neuls launched her label in 2000 called TN29. Based in the UK she has two shops in London as well as an international following. Gravity Pope are her exclusive Canadian stockist.
All distinctive toe and heel shapes seen in the Tracey Neuls collection are originally sculpted in clay by Tracey herself. Not using any pre-fab components is rare, creating atelier quality, craftsmanship and individuality. Following her kinetic instinct rather than fashion trends, Neuls ensures a totally unique and pioneering product. With over 30 collections to date, Tracey Neuls is an expert in footwear and designs from the heart and for the wearer. Her inspirations remain personal, conceptual and rebellious.  


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