Camper is the living history of a family run business involving 4 generations that have dedicated their lives to the footwear industry. Camper’s roots began in 1877, when Antonio Fluxà, a skilled cobbler, travelled to England to learn new methods of industrial manufacturing. Upon his return, he gathered the best leather craftsmen from his home of rural Inca, Mallorca and introduced them to the island's first sewing machines and the innovations he learned abroad.

In 1975, Camper was born. Brought to life by Antonio’s grandson, Lorenzo Fluxà, the brand was to reflect a new lifestyle and a new way of thinking, yet still encompassing comfort and creativity. Camper means “peasant” in Catalan, and the brand was brought to life to offer casual unisex footwear, evoking the solid values of the Mediterranean rural culture – comfort, durability, and simplicity.

To this day, Camper is still one of the world’s leading companies in the footwear design industry and is recognized for its innovative and iconic ball-soled “Pelotas” and non-symmetrical pairing “Twins” designs. Camper embraces a sense of play and joy, challenging the status quo with their original and irreverent footwear styles.