Founded in 2000, Coclico is the creation of Sandra Canselier, a French designer living in New York. A native of Brittany, France, Canselier’s family has been making shoes for three generations. It was only natural that the combination of her background and love for New York led her to start her own brand and open her first store in Nolita.

Crafted in Spain in a small family-owned factory, Coclico is known for their sustainable practices, using certified sustainable renewable woods for their heels and sourcing their high quality leathers from within Spain or neighbouring Italy to reduce their environmental footprint.

Clean lines and a neutral palette are the cornerstones of each Coclico collection, which finds subtle beauty in architectural silhouettes and timeless minimalism. Coclico shoes pair style with comfort for their beautiful, unique aesthetic. The brand is grounded in the belief that style should be effortless and understated, yet never compromise on craftsmanship, quality, or ethical production.