8 Best Clothing Stores in Edmonton
By Olivia Walsh

People like Gravitypope because they are an independently owned boutique that provides Canadians with an extensive range of carefully chosen, beautiful, unique, and handcrafted clothing, footwear, and even accessories!

According to their customer reviews, their brand selection is excellent! They avoid most of the mass market and overproduced designer brands and focus more on utilitarian brands.

Another thing people like about Gravitypope is the ambiance of their store. They have old wooden floors, large windows, and nice open spaces.

They also sell other items such as colognes, perfumes, soaps, powders, and even scented candles! No matter what you are looking for, you can surely find it in their store!


Carry high-end designer brands
Special order items if you can’t find a style or size
Antiquey and trendy

    Customer Reviews

    Here’s a review from one of gravitypope’s clients:

    “On my shopping local this Christmas hit list was Gravity Pope. I don’t know why I’d never been in before but somehow now it’s got Holy Roller next door, it feels more approachable. I’ve walked by the Gateway Boulevard shop window many times and admired the displays every time. Now I know the inside of the store is just as impressive.

    Gravity Pope is a YEG original and here to stay. Offering so many amazing designer goods that they somehow select with a unique individuality that really keeps the vibe of the store throughout. There are no bad items that drag down this places street cred. Even the sock are displayed on a cure washing line. They sell really funky sunglasses which my husband will love, I can’t wait to take him with me next time. Really smart, fashionable street and work wear for bold Edmontonians. I love it”

    Here’s another one:

    “The first time that I went to GP tailor store, it stunned me with its unique old fashion creaky wooden floor and inner decoration, which made you think you were in an 1930’s black and white movie. They sells all kinds of brands that are quite different from massive production.
    The bands are not flamboyant but consistent ,steady. Some of them may be trendy but many of them are ahead of current fashion such as the ones in Holt Renfrew a lot, no mention that they can be your lifetime collection that serves you many years. Also it focus on alternative designers across the whole world from Japan to France which you may never find in other stores in Edmonton, Canada, or even States.  

    Personally that day I bought one dress T-shirt, three causal T-shirts, one belt and two jeans. The sales people there are helpful and patient, and once you clique with them, they become very helpful and are willing to help you choose the right cloth that fits you even it means they have to fetch many times to get you the one you want and explain every question you wanna ask. I tried almost all brands in GP and tons of clothes, the staff greeted me very much and brought me some drinks which were surely an extra perk. I spend the whole afternoon in the store and I find some very unique and splendid cloth and trousers. The only thing I dislike is when the first time I talked with the sales people, she said the discounts are 50% then turned out to be 15%. Surly it were pretty expensive already, and 50% would be a huge relief. 15% discount didn’t make it much different. If I knew it in advance I would only buy one pair of Levis’  jeans and two shirts in total. And that costed me almost 15 hundred at once which were a shock to me and made me feel I were shopping in Holt Renfrew. However they never give any discount above 40% and that’s just for season clearance as for limited brands and quantity. Anyway you pay for what you get.
    I want to give it fives stars but I feel kind like being scammed, so deduce two stars and made it three. However one of the sales ladies is pretty cute and gave me soda drinks with fruits. So I gave one more star.”

    — Best of Edmonton

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