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Wings + Horns

For a brand born in Japan, Wings + Horns couldn't be more Canadian. Run by nature-loving Canucks, the menswear label is designed and produced in Vancouver, British Columbia. But when Craig Atkinson launched the label in 2004 after a long career in clothing production, his eye was on the market across the Pacific. The Japanese, he found, had a great appreciation for clothes made in Canada. "It was kind of a reverse schooling for me. They re-taught me what quality used to be in North America." The clothes, a mix of basics and subtle detailing, embody a modest homegrown charisma as well. Their footwear has been a revelation with simple plimsolls and boots featuring more traditional yet updated silhouettes.
Named for the struggle between good and evil ("It also felt really Canadian"), Atkinson and newly joined designer, Brian Mendoza, work with timeless pieces, perfecting them with a focus on quality materials and fit.