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30TH ANNIVERSARY SERIES - Want Les Essentiels



“WANT Meet Christine Charlebois

Launched in 2006 by Byron and Dexter Peart, Want Les Essentiels' perfectly crafted accessories are designed to transform each journey—whether crossing continents or dashing to your daily commute—into a smooth and stylish procession. Timeless and functional classics designed for our everyday lives, WANT Les Essentiels creates a balance between traditional style and modern needs resulting in an unmatched unity through contrast.

Why did you start designing?

Fashion Design always represented the perfect combination for me: Art fulfilling a primary need. I was always very creative as a child but having the possibility to project this creativity towards the body as a canvas and layer it to a function: protecting yourself from the outside world resonated for me. Looking back, I was unconsciously getting familiar with the pillar of WANT Les Essentiels design philosophy: where form meets function.

How do you define quality?

Longevity - both emotional and physical: This product brings me joy and will do for a long time. This product is also going to age well while bringing me joy.
Craftsmanship - Savoir-faire: This product fabrication is well executed and well thought out.
Responsibility: This product is well conceived, taking into consideration the responsibility we have towards our environment and the people we work with.

"My work allows me to get to know myself better. I believe that if I understand who I am, I will also understand who we are as a collective"

What's your favourite part of the design process?

Process in general is my favorite part. Even though the final result is gonna define the success of a product, the path to get there is what really matters to me. Listening, researching, observing, analyzing, drawing, prototyping all require a deep connection to yourself. My work allows me to get to know myself better. I believe that if I understand who I am, I will also understand who we are as a collectivity. Only then will I be able to create, encourage and generate positive change. Design allows us to connect and talk about difficult topics collectively. I like that also.

What’s special about the production of your brand?

The mission of the brand is to create simple and honest designs that fulfill your every needs. Our bags, accessories, footwear and clothing sit at the intersection of function and aesthetic. We value purposeful, intelligent and universal designs. We constantly challenge ourselves to be better at what we do. We aspire and are taking actions to create a more sustainable future.

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