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Barena | Designer Feature

Barena began in the 1960's by Sandro Zara who started a business enlivened by a love of costumes and the textile tradition. Through his meticulous research, he brought back to life clothing of a certain lifestyle, producing and marketing them with scrupulous attention.

His long-time “right-hand man” is Massimo Pigozzo manages all aspects of the business from production to process, from research to marketing. For twenty years Pigozzo has been Creative Director of Barena's menswear line.

Francesca Zara joined the family business and became the creative force of the womenswear collection, assimilating her father’s passion and talent. Her creations are inspired by the search for raw materials and structure, for simple and harmonious lines that convey an unconventional femininity.

What was the inspiration for your Spring 17 collection?

My collections comes out from my DNA stimulated by the street style around the world. 

What is your favorite fabric to work with?

Wool gauze which is made in a beautiful place called Follina.....a PROSECCO land! I enjoy making experiments with this fabrics, the more you wash the more it change aspect and use.

What is your favorite color?


If you weren't designing clothing, what would you be doing?

Scouting for sure, I like to discover new things, places, talents, artists.

Is there a particular woman in your life that has inspired you the most?

I have more men that inspired me in my life, my father in primis.

What’s your go-to outfit for a dinner party?

A must is a super cool PANT! A cool pant is more sexy and elegant then any skirt :) Pair with a sleeveless silk top and a stunning BLAZER on the shoulder. 

Describe your everyday style.

Everyday style is very much Barena, I love two things that are sometime consider in contrast.....chic and comfort. Always be chic, few nice pieces, not too much, simplicity and quality is a must, and then you need to feel at ease, cool and comfort.

Any tips for aspiring designers?

Passion is the key.

Favorite piece available at gravitypope from your collection? 

Shirt bice bagio, OFELIA stino, Italia fresco.


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