Since 2005 the Tracey Neuls shop on 29 Marylebone Lane in London’s West End has been the perfect showcase for Tracey Neuls' footwear brand TN_29. Continuing and exemplifying her unique tradition of sculptural footwear hand crafted with old-world shoe making expertise, the Tracey Neuls line was created in 2006. Tracey Neuls is the natural growth of the TN_29 brand. The shoes can be characterized by carefully chosen rich Italian leathers, unique lasts, sculptural heels and last but not least, soles hand signed by the person who lasts the shoes.
For 26 years gravitypope has been selling product designed by women with a strong identity and unique outlook on fashion. Today we interview Tracey Neuls.
What’s your go-to outfit for a dinner party?
I have a wonderful 1970’s vintage, wide leg, sleeveless silk paisley jumpsuit. Its timelessness is the appeal.

What is your favourite movie?
Django (The D is silent) Tarantin

What is your favourite material to work with?
Leather is an amazing material. Its memory, resilience and ability to patina beautifully makes it second to none.

Favourite piece at gravitypope from your Spring collection?
The heart15 collection of DEAN and JON are the current favourites. I developed this toe shape back in 1998 and the fact that it is still relevant today is pleasing.

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