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Meet Stephan Schneider in Vancouver March 26

Stephan Schneider x gravitypope Vancouver

Desperately Seeking Serpentines


Sunday, March 26
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
2203 West 4th Ave, gravitypope Vancouver

Please join us and meet Stephan Schneider on March 26 at gravitypope Vancouver.

Please RSVP here.

gravitypope was the premier retailer that introduced Stephan Schneider in Canada nearly a decade ago. This season, in a very special presentation, Stephan will showcase his personal selection of this season's key outfits in a unique installation.

Join gravitypope for a unique opportunity to meet Stephan Schneider and shop the SS17 Collection Sunday March 26.

SS17 Stephan Schneider | Desperately Seeking Serpentines
Stephan Schneider SS17 Collection entitled 'Desperately Seeking Serpentines' takes inspiration from the bittersweet, melancholic feelings experience by listeners to sad, catchy, and slow dance songs of the 1980's movie 'Deperately Seeking Susan'.

The term 'serpentines' refers to paper streamers usually reserved for joyous occasions. In this application, these serpentines have been printed with lyrics from famous pop-poets of our time. What is normally a symbol of fun and celebration has been considered also for its evanescence when found the day after a party lying between the trash.

Each garment is arranged in a playful manner in an understated colour palettes of navy, hued camels, deep blacks and shades of moss. Clean, two-dimensional garments have been stripped to their bare essence, their side seams and darts removed. Unique juxtapositions of pieces are seen through this collection, such as loosely tailored shirts with languid pants, tailored and structured coats over billowing tees and rigid cropped jackets paired with sleek bottoms.

In 1994 German born Stephan Schneider graduated top of his class from Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Known for designing each piece of fabric used in his collection personally, he spends half of his time with the textile and half with the silhouette. He has said "When your textile is strong, you don't have to invent trousers with three legs." Stephan Schneider uses its own production facilities in Belgian factories, where pieces are cut by hand and time can be spent on the finest finishing. Designer and Professor Stephan Schneider also currently teaches at Universität der Künste, Berlin, who’s taken over for the esteemed British designer and professor Vivienne Westwood at the institution.

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