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Sofie D'Hoore | Designer Feature

Women Making Fashion History
Sofie D'Hoore is a graduate of the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts. Originally trained in dentistry, her interest in fashion eventually lead her to change careers. After working in Italy for a period, she moved back to Brussels and created her first label with partner Chantal Spaas called 'Fashion Ink'. In 1992 Sofie decided to split with the label and design under her own name, known for it's purist aesthetic. Her modern designs are understated, flattering and created for a woman who values style over trend-lead fashion.
We're featuring some of the talented female designers carried at gravitypope. For 26 years gravitypope has sold product designed by women with a strong identity and unique outlook on fashion. Today we interview designer Sofie D'Hoore, founder of the eponymous brand.
What was the inspiration for your Spring 17 collection?

I have always been very interested in geometry and proportion, two key elements that act as leitmotivs through my collections. For Spring 2017, I have reinterpreted gingham and tartan, two rather historical designs, into contemporary, modern silhouettes, whilst maintaining traditional techniques.
Describe your everyday style.

I am perhaps my own biggest advocate: my own style is extremely unfussy. I can usually be found in one of my own designs and when I am in the process of creating a collection I am constantly trying on everything.
Is there a particular woman in your life that has inspired you the most?

I’ve always been drawn to creative women, such as designers, artists, and architects. In short, women with a strong artistic vision and a sense of self-belief. A source of inspiration, in historical terms, is the 20th-century Russian avant-garde designer Varvara Stepanova. She was obsessed with geometric forms and functionality. I love the simplicity and graphic quality of her work. She wanted to liberate women from the restrictive fashions of the day and created functional, practical garments for active, working women. Her spirit is reflected in the uncomplicated nature of the clothes I design and in the freedom of movement they allow the wearer.
Any tips for aspiring designers?

My advice to all young people would be to discover what you love and pursue it with all your heart. Find your passion. Aspire to greatness. Work hard.

I wish someone had told me the difference between finding your vocation and identifying an occupation. Whereas the latter is typically related to earning a livelihood, your vocation is linked to a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

If you were not designing clothing, what would you be doing?

I always had a love for fashion, instilled in me by my mother. My father, however, was a doctor and I initially followed his footsteps by training as a dentist. I completed the training and pride myself in doing so but eventually, I decided to pursue my vocation – fashion and design. I enrolled at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp: everything just fell into place.

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