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Interview with Vancouver Tailored Goods Manager Natalie Tersigni


I always get a little scared when I visit Gravity Pope’s Tailored Goods on 4th. What I fear isn’t supernatural, but more so I’m fearful of spending all of my money there. Can you blame me? I had a chance to talk with Tailored Goods’ Natalie Tersigni where she made me drool by telling me about the amazing brands they carry. Next time I visit I’ll have to control myself. After all, I can’t eat that Acne motorcycle jacket for dinner… but it sure will make me look good.

Adele Tetangco: How long has Tailored Goods been open for?
Natalie Tersigni:

AT:  If you had to describe Tailored Goods to someone that has never shopped or been there before, how would you describe it?
Tailored Goods isn’t like any boutique out there, there’s something about the vibe of the place that I guarantee you’ll love. This isn’t a store that is stiff or too slick or intimidating. Racks are filled with beautiful product and there’s something about being surrounded by such beautiful pieces and fixtures that really helps us, as staff, stand behind what we sell. I really do think that’s the best thing about this place, to be able to come in as a customer, spend time really looking at things, and to have a conversation about it. Or a conversation about anything really, your crappy day at work, your kid who’s driving you crazy or this amazing pizza place you went to.  We just really like to rap with anyone who comes in the store. And I really think that’s what sets us apart from other places out there. Come by, have a coffee, you’ll see.

AT: Can you tell me a little bit about the lines you carry?
Where do I start?

The Americans: Rag & Bone – David and Marcus have turned this small collection into a multi category brand, shoes, bags, jeans, main line that always nails it. Saturdays Surf NYC - a couple cool guys who loved clothing and surfing started a coffee shop/surf shop in NYC and now their collection is in every great shop plus two of their own in NYC and in Japan. In LA by Scott Sternberg, Band of Outsiders is the slickest, preppiest collection out there and also provides the ladies with their own girlie version called BOY that makes the most amazing schoolboy blazer.

The Belgians: Belgium has produced some of the most amazing and prolific designers out there. That list now includes Stephan Schneider (mens and womens), Sofie D’hoore, and Christian Wijnants (womens), all of whom set the bar for creativity, quality and adoration from our customers.

The Scandinavians: Acne (my personal favourite) has over 20 styles of jeans for men and women and their motorcycle jackets that are amazing. Filippa K – they have the best merino cardigans for men and women. SNS Herning – family run from Denmark and their wool sweaters that will last forever. And Cheap Monday – jeans for $75!

The Canadians: Canada has really stepped forward in the menswear department. Not only for the obvious reasons, the collections are well made and styled perfectly, but the price points are accessible for most guys and its MADE IN CANADA!!  Come and check out Wings & HornsHomespun, Arcteryx VeilanceReigning Champ, United, Naked & Famous, and newcomer Mount Pleasant Athletic Club. For women, our Canadians put out the most amazing jewels – Anna DeCourcy, Arielle de Pinto and Sleep Standing Up by Meagan Howard. And for both – WANT Essentials de La vie designed by Byron and Dexter Peart out of Montreal. They create a luxurious leather handbag and luggage collection that will please any jet setter.  Smaller budget? Grab one of their amazing canvas bags for the beach or the grocery store or spending the weekend away!

The Italians: Forte_Forte created by Giada Forte has been a strong and much adored brand for our ladies. It’s earthy and feminine and uses the most amazing fabrics. Isabel Benenato, who formerly designed for Rick Owens, creates the most luxurious loose knits for men and women. Other Italians include, Unity for men and of course my personal favourite, Marni who provides us with the most amazing footwear in the store and in my closet.

The French: Isabel Marant has created quite a stir with her wedge sneakers and has a very strong following of trend conscious ladies. APC embodies the idea of French style, cute little trenches, simple button up shirts, striped tees and the best and cleanest blue jeans.

AT: What’s your own personal favourite line? 
NT: Belgium designer Sofie D’hoore makes clothes for the woman I want to be. Acne makes clothes for the woman I am. Forget Me Not creates the most amazing printed scarves that pulls it all together. For boys, but not exclusive to, I dig Reigning Champ because KG rocks and Engineered Garments because they put polka dots and flowers on everything.

AT: And what is the best selling line?
Alexander Wang T line has nailed the basics market for women. It started with the basic 1 pocket tee that I’m sure most girls have at least 2 of and has grown into a collection ranging from cardigans, knits, trousers, neoprene skirts and leather jackets. It’s definitely one of our best for women.

Some other good ones for us and our ladies are Acne, Rag & Bone, Forte_Forte, Isabel Marant and newcomer Christian Wijnants.

Wings and Horns, Homespun, and Reigning Champ, all Vancouver-based men’s lines, have taken the lead.  You can always count on them for quality and a definite cool wearability that men love.

Other tops, LA based Band of Outsiders, Stephan Schneider, Naked & Famous and United.

AT: Is there anything new that we should expect for spring?
A LOT of colour from neon to pastels, prints from camo to polkadot for both for men and women. I’m screwed cause all I wear is black, white, grey and blue jeans.  There will be some of that soon.

AT: I need to buy something for my man. But I don’t want to spend more than $300. What should I get him?
NT: Tobacco Toscano is my favourite gift for a boy. The scent is my #1 pick of the many types of cologne available from one of the oldest apothecary lines in the western hemisphere, Santa Maria Novella. Originally made by monks in Florence, this brand is the OG of colognes and perfumes. Tobacco Toscano in particular is the one scent that most men buy right on the spot after one spray. It’s a little sweet and smokey but sexy nonetheless. It stinks sooo good. $160 (buy two).

AT: I want to buy something for myself, what do you suggest?

NT: Treat yourself to the one of the many Acne  leather motorcycle jackets. The Merci, the Mape or the Rita available in black, taupe, green, or white in case you want options.  If your budget is a little smaller, Toronto based lingerie company Fortnight  makes the sexiest and prettiest lingerie that has created quite the stir. Check out their CPR instructional video then call me with your size requests.

AT: Do you throw parties at the store? How does one get on this party list?
I accept bribes in the form of cured meats and red wine.

AT: I love your style. So tell me about you! I’m sick of fall. What will you be wearing for spring?
I wear long sleeve collared white shirts in the fall. This spring, I will be wearing sleeveless collared white shirts, Jil Sander Navy specifically. And maybe some Marni sandals…Yah, probably those too.

AT:  And I always ask, what songs are playing on your store’s playlist?
NT: Our playlists are a little schizophrenic; everyone fights for control of the tunes. Right now, new Alicia, Robert Glasper trio (a musical tip from LP) and the Paradise Garage playlist on songza.

gravity pope tailored goods
2203 west 4th avenue
vancouver, bc V6K 1N9
p. 604 731 7647

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