Coming from a long line of master shoemakers, Rafi Balouzian started Cydwoq in 1996 in Burbank, California. The concept was to design artisanal, hand-crafted shoes using the best natural leathers and biodegradable glues, yet still providing ultimate walking comfort.

Inspired by nature and the idea of walking barefoot, all Cydwoq shoes are designed from the bottom up, starting with the sole. By translating the shape and contours of the human foot, Cydwoq is known for their unique sole design which compliments the natural shape and mechanics of the human foot, providing a distinctive look and incredible comfort.

All Cydwoq products are crafted by hand in Burbank, California by a small team of skilled artisans. The factory manufactures the complete shoe, with 90% of the components constructed in-house, including heels, footbeds, outsoles, and wooden soles.